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All the World's Colors by James. W. George - Audio Book Tour

Author: James W. George

Narrator: Angus Freathy, Mindy Escobar-Leanse

Length: 6 hours 34 minutes

Series: The Queen of the Blue, Book 1

Released: Nov. 13, 2020

Publisher: James W. George

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Book one of a brand-new, epic fantasy series by master historical story-teller, James W. George. Something inconceivable has happened, and all the world's colors are about to bleed.... Kellia. Kellia the Red. Pagan, seafaring warriors of ancient renown. They have sailed west, ever west, and have discovered an awe-inspiring, unknown land. Is it their salvation, or the seed of their destruction? Merova and the Throne of Blue. Wealthy, cultured, and the ultimate matriarchy. Kellia’s ancient nemesis, and a realm of secrets, intrigue, and treachery. The Holy Domain of Sanctia. Piety, sacrifice, and faith. They have a spiritual duty to spread the truth across the seas, and they will sail under the sacred banner of green. The Confederation of Orange. Cynical, profiteering financiers and lovers of pleasure. If there is a new discovery in this world, they will be poised to exploit it. Fans of historical fiction and fantasy will delight in this epic saga of empire, conflict, and power.
James W. George is a lover of history and historical fiction. He is a graduate of Boston University and a military veteran. He is currently residing in Virginia with his wife and children. He published his critically-acclaimed debut novel, My Father’s Kingdom, in January 2017. The novel, set in 1671 New England, depicted the prelude to King Philip’s War. The Indie View gave it five stars: “This is high historical drama handled wonderfully…a tale that will fully engage you on every level.” My Father’s Kingdom" is a planned trilogy, and book two, The Prophet and the Witch, was published in September 2017. This is an epic novel that spans the entire conflict of King Philip’s War, and includes such notable historical figures as Josiah Winslow, Increase Mather, Metacomet, Benjamin Church, and Mary Rowlandson. The Literary Titan awarded it five stars and a gold medal for October 2017. “Expertly written and instantly engaging from the first few pages…I was of the more intellectual of reads."
Narrator Bio

Angus Freathy was born and educated in London – that’s the one in England, for you Ohio folks!

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, he went to Switzerland to join Nestlé for a 2-year wandering assignment, which lasted 37 years and involved travel and work on every continent (except the cold ones at the top and bottom).

Periods of residence in the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland have resulted in a network of friends and acquaintances with an amazing range of world insight and a wide repertoire of mostly excellent jokes.

Since retirement, Angus and his (still working) wife, Debra have lived in Oregon, Maryland and are now in Dublin, Ohio, ‘the only place we have actually chosen to live since we have been married!’.

Following a crushing rejection by the BBC at the age of 19, Angus is re-activating a long-held ambition and launching a new career in voice-over, with the sole intention of having some fun and being in touch with some very talented people.

Narrator Bio
  Mindy Escobar-Leanse is an actor, puppeteer and voice actor. Some puppetry credits include: Dinosaur Train Live! Buddy's Big Adventure by Henson Studios/PBS, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show off-Broadway, in the UK & Japan tour, Puppet Romeo & Juliet and Puppet Titus Andronicus. Additionally, she's been collaborating on a play called The Last Rat of Theresienstadt which won awards in Poland, traveled to Bulgaria, Israel and will now be performed in El Paso, TX. Escobar-Leanse began her voice over journey at the end 2019 and is loving every moment! She has done six audiobooks, including a children's sci-fi book called That Thing in the Sky. Recently, she can be heard as the Bond girl voice in Voodoo Ranger's IPA campaign and multiple voices in the soon to be released children's podcast called Cobbler's Gulch. For Videos and photos of all of Mindy's work, visit her website:     

Top 10 List
  1. Queen Makenna of Merova
The Queen of the Blue and the Sacred Mother’s Emissary. The oldest monarch to occupy the Throne of the Blue, but despite her age, she rules with a domineering, unquenchable fanaticism. The Sacred Mother has decreed men are dull, subservient tools for her enlightened daughters, and the realm will be preserved at all costs.
  1. Jarrow Moncrief of Kellia
An aging but powerful seafaring warrior, he is tasked to lead an expedition to the Unknown World. He and his band of Kellian marauders are searching for New Kellia; A timber-harvesting colony that has mysteriously disappeared without a trace.
  1. Olmar Ansgar of Kellia
Jarrow’s “idiot nephew.” A gangly teenager, he yearns to prove his Kellian warrior qualities, but he only showcases his cowardice at every opportunity. That is, until he discovers something unthinkable.
  1. Aniliese SDR of Merova
First in line to the Throne of Blue. Her formal title is “Sacred Daughter of the Realm.” She is actually Makenna’a granddaughter, a member of the Vallotten dynasty. She is possessed with the “Vallotten Blessing” – stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and powerful. She is an impatient, demanding figure.
  1. Averrie Vallotten of Merova
Eldest child of Aniliese SDR and second in line to the Throne of Blue. Like her mother, she is beautiful and athletic, but she is far too intelligent and condescending for her young age.
  1. Marcel Vallotten of Merova
Second child of Aniliese SDR, and younger brother to Averrie. He is a dreamy, distracted child who craves the comfort of his books and scrolls. Although he is royalty and a member of House Vallotten, as a mere boy in a world ruled by women, his destiny is quite limited. Or so it would seem.
  1. Governess Bromid of Merova
The royal governess. An aging, unpleasant hag of a woman, she dotes ceaselessly on Averrie, but has little affection or care for Marcel. Sudden, horrific events force her into a plot of unthinkable treachery.
  1. Jaccor the Smuggler of Kellia
An aging, lonely smuggler. He has found something miraculous in the coastal waters of Merova, and has absolutely no comprehension of what he truly has..
  1. Burboh the Cleric of Sanctia
A rotund, inquisitive cleric. He secretly hides his sinful gluttony while serving the faith. He is renowned for his remarkable artistry. He yearns for the affection of a scrubbing woman, but his destiny is not his own to decide.
  1. Amira Medelli of The Confederation of Orange
An attractive young woman from House Medelli, one of the most prosperous trading houses in the entire Confederation. She laments her lackluster profits, but is reinvigorated at the prospect of romance with longtime friend Deidrik Vinderhov.

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