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Giants in the Earth by Jo-Anne Blanco - Book Tour

Morgan Le Fay: Giants in the Earth (Fata Morgana Book III) by Jo-Anne Blanco 

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The series is for readers of all ages (as Rosemary Sutcliff once said of her own work, “for readers aged nine to ninety.”) The books follow Morgan from her early childhood in post-Roman Dark Ages Britain and through her teenage years to adulthood. Elements of Celtic folklore, fairy tales, and mythologies of diverse cultures are woven throughout the books, but each novel is an original adventure story that can be read either as a standalone or as part of the ongoing series.

Morgan Le Fay: Giants in the Earth (Fata Morgana Book III)




In the aftermath of Ambrosius' attack on Tintagel Castle, young Morgan is sent away to the fortress of Dimilioc with her family, friends and tutor. But when bandits ambush their party, Morgan gets lost in the forest with nothing but her wits and her magic powers to rely on.


In her battle for survival, Morgan faces a cruel, hostile world that is suspicious, afraid and jealous of her magic. Silver-tongued faeries who are not what they seem. Vengeful Piskies and Muryans holding her friend Ganieda captive. Angry Giants and Spriggans who have awakened in the earth. And the ever-present threat of Ambrosius and his army, waiting to strike again...


To rescue her friends and outwit her enemies, Morgan must draw upon all her gifts, magic and mortal, in a perilous journey that will test her strength, faith and loyalty to the utmost...

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After Ambrosius’ attack on Tintagel Castle, Gorlois had decided it was too dangerous for his wife Igraine and their children to stay, so he had sent them to his inland fortress of Dimilioc. Morgan knew nothing about Dimilioc, except that it was on a great hill surrounded by forest. That’s what Safir had told her and Safir would know, being squire to Gorlois. It was still amazing to Morgan to think how Safir had become so important in such a short time – a young Saracen girl living in disguise as a boy, who had stowed away on a ship that was wrecked off the coast of Tintagel. Yet Gorlois, unaware of Safir’s secret, had come to greatly admire, respect and value her as his squire, and Safir loved her new life.

High King Vortigern had sent his son Prince Vortimer to Dimilioc with Igraine.

Vortimer was angry about it but there was nothing he could do. Morgan wished the prince hadn’t come; she hated Vortimer just as much as she hated Vortigern. It was Vortigern’s fault that Tintagel had been attacked in the first place. If Vortigern hadn’t come to stay there, Ambrosius would never have attacked them. It was Vortigern’s fault. And Myrddin’s fault.

And Merlin’s fault.

 It was astounding to think back to everything that had happened. On the night before All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain as the Druids called it, Morgan had secretly followed Merlin down to a secluded bay where the boy had met up with Myrddin, the dark Druid. Morgan and Fleur were the only ones who knew Merlin was Myrddin’s secret apprentice. Taliesin, still a little boy but already apprentice to the old Druid Grand Master Cadwellon, had been following Myrddin that night on his master’s instructions. Cadwellon didn’t trust Myrddin.

That night, Morgan had discovered she could make herself invisible with her magic.

Not only that, but she could even extend that invisibility to anyone who held her hand. Hand in hand with Taliesin, she had watched in horror as Myrddin and Merlin had guided two men into the bay. They were the half-Giant brothers Caradoc and Turquine, who had come to Tintagel to try to get Gorlois to join Ambrosius, Vortigern’s enemy. Others had wanted Gorlois to join Ambrosius too: Sir Mark of Gore and his beautiful sister Heliabel, Queen of Lyonesse, who hated the Saxons. Morgan had loved Heliabel and it still hurt to remember how the Queen of Lyonesse had turned against Gorlois.

Gorlois had refused to betray Vortigern, and had ordered Caradoc and Turquine to be thrown into Tintagel’s dungeon. In revenge, Caradoc had threatened Morgan’s life. She had used her magic against him and Caradoc now thought she was a witch. Heliabel and Mark had escaped from Tintagel and no one had seen them since.

Author Bio

Jo-Anne Blanco was born in Brazil to an English mother and Spanish father. She has spent much of her life travelling around the world as a teacher. Her travels, together with her lifelong passion for reading, writing and storytelling, inspired her to embark upon her Fata Morgana epic fantasy series, about the life and adventures of Morgan le Fay. Mythology, fairy tales and Arthurian legend are all major influences on her work, and her ongoing journeys to countries of great landscapes and folklore are never-ending sources of inspiration.


She is the author of Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great and Morgan Le Fay: Children of This World. These novels are the first two books in the Fata Morgana series.


Morgan Le Fay: Giants in the Earth, the third novel in the series, will be published in 2020.

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