Saturday, December 26, 2020

Manners from the Moon by Simeon A. Shigg - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Manners From the Moon
by Simeon A. Shigg
Genre: Children's Fiction

Moon watched over the Earth for ages, but was too far to help Earth with her problems.

That is until she received help from some friends.

Manners from the Moon is a heartfelt reminder to use your manners in every way, every day. 

Moon, Sea Turtle, Owl, and Wolf share an important message with their friends that is needed today. 

A simple story with a powerful message of kindness and hope for tomorrow.

Manners from the Moon is a cute children's book that teaches kids how to use their manners. The Moon wants to make sure the Earth is cared for and loved, so she decides to recruit some friends to help spread the word. Owl tells all of the flying creatures to always remember to use their manners. Sea Turtle relays the message to all of the ocean creatures. And Wolf lets all of the land animals that they should always use their manners. Saying 'please', 'thank you', 'you're welcome', and 'I'm sorry' makes the Moon happy, and it also makes the Universe happy as well. Caring for Earth by using your manners is a good thing.
The story is easy to read, and the illustrations are nicely done. Young readers will enjoy this story.
5 stars.

Simeon is husband to his 9th grade Geometry classmate and father to one daughter.  He was born in Los Angeles, raised in a loving two parent household, and molded by many afternoon church services, playing piano for gas money and too much television.  This is his first published work even though he has been writing his dreams in notebooks or cloud-based applications for years.

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