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Nika Children's Adventure Series by Rick Marino - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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I Love You Very Muchly: The Story of the Brave Little Girl
Nika Children's Adventure Series Book 1
by Rick Marino
Genre: Children's Book

I Love You Very Muchly is a true story about Nika, a Shih-Tzu puppy who was abandoned in a crate with no one to take care of her. Her new mommy and daddy found her and decided to adopt her. They did not know how it would work out because they had two large golden retrievers, but they wanted to try anyway. This the heartwarming story of a beautiful, fun, sweet, (and sometimes bossy) puppy who needed the love of her parents and the skills of the surgeons to save her life

I Love You Very Muchly is a sweet children's book, based on a true story,  about a little dog named Nika. Nika was abandoned as a puppy, but was taken in by a loving family. Her life was good. Happy. Content. But then something happens, and Nika's family has to put their trust and faith in the vets/surgeons to save Nika's life. 
The story is cute and easy to read. The illustrations are lovely, and young readers will connect easily to the overall story. It's heartwarming, and it's a good way for parents to talk to their kids about pets. How to care for them, love them, and make them a part of the family. And it's a good way for parents to discuss with their kids any fears or worries they may have when their pet goes to the vet, whether for a routine checkup or something more serious. 
I would recommend this story to young readers who love animals, especially dogs. 
4.5 stars. 

I Miss You Very Muchly, City of the Cats: Nika's Trek to Find Big Brother
Nika Children's Adventure Series Book 2

Every year, some of our pets wander away from home, some never to return. Sometimes you get lucky (like our family) and they come home. Why do they ever leave, where do they go? They must have a reason to leave their safe surroundings of good food, fresh water, companionship, and the like.
This is the story of Nika, her desire to find her big brother, and the heroic measures that were taken by both humans and her new found animal friends to save her from certain doom.

I Miss You Very Muchly is a story about Nika, the little dog with a loving family. 
In this one, Nika misses her big (human) brother and decides to set off on her own to go and find him. 
But Nika doesn't realize how big and scary the world really is, especially since she's a tiny little dog. Along the way, she makes some new friends who are willing to help her, but she's soon separated from them after putting her trust in a cat. Will Nika get rescued before the stray alley cats dole out a punishment?
This story is a bit longer than the previous one, and I think younger readers may struggle a little with this one. Parents will most likely need to help their kids get through the story, but mostly due to length. There aren't as many illustrations with this one, but the few that are in the story aren't as colorful and vibrant. They still add a nice touch, though.
The one thing I was only slightly annoyed by was the cats being put in such a negative light. As someone who is more of a cat person than a dog person (I only like certain breeds of dogs), I thought this came across as a little too anti-cat for my liking. But that could just be me reading too much into it (especially since Nika's family also has cats). At least Penelope Purr was a good cat. 
Overall, I think kids will like this story, following Nika along on her adventure with her new friends as they try to track down her big brother. 
4 stars.

Rick Marino and his wife, Teresa have been raising rescue dogs and cats for decades. They share their time between their home in Ohio and New Jersey. Nika inspired Rick with her personality and braveness to write the two books about her, her bother Marco and her sister Penelope Purr.

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