Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Other People's Crazy by Gregory Fletcher - Book Tour + Giveaway

Other People's Crazy
by Gregory Fletcher
Genre: Young Adult

In a high school in suburban Arizona, the biggest kid in his sophomore class is being bullied by the smallest. With no dad, best friend, or girlfriend, Brandon’s life feels like pure hopeless chaos. But thanks to his crazy single mom, a stray dog, a bronco-busting hairdresser, a random left turn, and boomerang karma from the Universe, Brandon has a chance to turn his life in a new direction. Chaos, or Choice? They’re both in the mix of crazy at Mesa Verde High.

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“Hey!” a voice yelled from somewhere.

I looked up across the practice field, but the heat was so thick the figure standing there wavered like a mirage. Crouched, poised to take off, the hunching image looked to be a kid from the nearby elementary school.

I responded, “Hey, yourself.”

The person shouted back aggressively, “Don’t melt. Grease fires are a bitch!”

Was some snotty little kid making a fat joke at my expense? Little did he know I had survived my entire middle school years being called Sumo—as in the super fat Japanese wrestlers, wearing the extra-large diapers. Thankfully, by the time I reached high school, I’d grown to tower over my classmates, and the nickname magically disappeared.

Not wanting to pursue the conversation but, then again, stunned to actually be acknowledged, I watched this small person take off straight for me. The kid was focused intently, like in a highly competitive game of Red Rover, where solo players bust through linked arms. Only there was just me.

The bouncing blond hair and menacing eyes became recognizable as my jeerer reached centerfield. Stuart, from my English class, the smallest sophomore—and that was including the girls. No, make that the smallest in the entire school, including the freshmen. He and I hadn’t said two words to each other in the month since school had started. Now, all of a sudden, he was running at me, elbows jetting back and forth, fingers spread, aiming for me like I was wearing a bullseye on my belly. I waved for him to stop. But it seemed there was no stopping this hazardous human missile.

Other People’s Crazy marks Gregory Fletchers YA novel debut. Other published works include two short stories in the anthologies The Night Bazaar, and The Night Bazaar: Venice. Also, Fletcher is the author of the craft book Shorts and Briefs (a collection of short plays and brief principles of playwriting). Thirteen of his plays have been produced Off-Off-Broadway and regionally in Boston, Provincetown, Moscow (Idaho), and Miami. A native of Dallas, Texas, a resident of New York City, and a graduate with various degrees in theatre from C.S.U.N., Columbia University, and Boston University, Fletcher also teaches at the MA/MFA Maslow Family Creative Writing Program at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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  1. this looks like an amazing read.

  2. Sounds like a great book for my granddaughter, and it looks fun from the cover.


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