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A Fat Girl's Confidence by Patrice Shavone Brown - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Nonfiction Self development

Date Published: 10/30/2018

Publisher: My Story Publishing

Most people think big girls have low self esteem and do not feel as sexy as the models with the perfect bodies that we constantly see on TV. I never knew there was anything wrong with me until I kept seeing people on TV telling me I was too fat, too sloppy and definitely ugly. Every commercial emphasizes the need to have that perfect plastic-factory body. While everyone think that fat is sloppy or unattractive, I have learned to embrace it. I choose to live my life fat, free and fabulous! And I am here to motivate you. Patrice Shavone Brown reveals her truth and secrets to being and becoming a proud fat girl. As you read this book, you will discover the confidence that you never thought you could have. Join the Confident Fat Girls Movement with Patrice. "Let's be the beauty they all said we could never be," she concludes.

My Review
A Fat Girl's Confidence is a self-help book that offers tips and tricks to help girls who may be bigger find the confidence to be happy in their skin, regardless of what society thinks or deems beautiful. Being fat doesn't make you ugly. Fat is just a word to describe a body type. No one is the same, shape or otherwise, so why shouldn't "fat" be just as beautiful as "thin"? 
The author does mention that there is a difference between being fat or on the bigger side and being overweight/obese. Being fat just means you have some extra weight, but your body can handle it without it being an issue. Being overweight or obese means you've become too big for your own body and should aim to bring your weight back down to a level your body can handle, even if it means you're still "fat". 
Within these pages, you'll find affirmations and activities that will help you come to terms with the fact that you are as you are meant to be. You are normal. And as long as you're healthy, why shouldn't you be happy and confident as well? That's what you're going to learn by following this guide.
While some of the tips/tricks may not be helpful to everyone, there is at least one thing in this book that will help you, the reader, boost your confidence and be happy with who you are as a person.
I found the book to be a pretty good guide overall, and even if you're not necessarily on the "fat" spectrum, you can still use these tips and tricks to boost your confidence in general. 
4 stars.

About the Author

Author of A Fat Girl's Confidence Guide, published by My Story Publishing Company, also the founder of the "Confident Fat Girls Movement"

Patrice Shavone Brown is a mother of two beautiful children. She is also the big sister of two siblings. Most of all she is "me."

She is a person that has had storms and mountains to climb. She is still climbing. Patrice lost her mom to cancer June 2017. She does not paint pretty pictures about her life or surroundings.

Helping people is at the heart of everything that Patrice does. She has spent the last two decades serving her community as a Mental Health Counselor. Her greatest satisfaction comes from empowering others and assisting in people's healing through the power of words.

"It's hard, yet life is what you make it. And it is full of twists and turns," says Patrice.

Patrice has owned and operated Restoring Bodies and Minds,, for the past seven years. She's an over achiever. She likes to excel, and she has tremendous drive and determination. If at first you don't succeed, try again, is at her core.

Brown has also authored four books. Her books are based on her everyday life experiences. The titles are Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor, The Day Momma Made Me Dance, We Blend Well Together, A Fat Girl's Confidence Guide, A Fat Girl's Confidence: Beating Depression and Building Self Esteem, The Finesser and The Finesser 2.

Patrice holds an MA, BA, and AAS. She is also an Anger Management Specialist

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