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Dying to Belong by Diane Mullins - Book Tour + Giveaway


Join us for this tour from Jan 13 to Feb 2, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title: Dying to Belong: How I Accidentally Found Myself by Diane Mullins
Category Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 178 pages
Genre Memoir
Publisher Funshine Publishing
Release date March 2020
Content Rating: PG-13 due to a few cuss words


Book Description:

As a very shy, meek, and insecure little girl, Diane Mullins grew up the youngest of seven children in an abusive family. Never shown or taught how to love or be loved, Diane grew up with no self-confidence or self-esteem. Who knew that it would take a near-fatal accident to help her find her way to self-love and spiritual freedom? In Dying to Belong, Diane shares her story that begins at the scene of a body- and spirit-crushing ATV accident. Forced to ride out of the wilderness area herself, she arrived at the hospital to discover broken bones, ruptured organs, and a punctured lung. She was literally on the doorstep of death. During the excruciating process of physical healing, Diane began exploring a spiritual journey that led to loving, accepting, and respecting herself. Diane learned the empowering lesson that by changing her thoughts and feelings, she has been able to live a life of freedom from negativity and pain.

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Guest Post

Suddenly I was snapped back to reality, with a man’s voice in the background. I heard my boyfriend, Matt, say to his friend Chris, who was with us that day, “Go help her.”

I wanted to turn my head, which was still encased by my helmet, toward that scared, rattled voice. I still couldn’t see anything as I stood there, but I heard him speak. I had never heard his voice sound like that before, with such serious concern in his tone. As I tried to look around to see where they were, I realized I couldn’t move my head very well. I continued the struggle to breathe. I battled so hard to grasp for air, like something was squeezing my chest or compressing my back making it impossible to inhale. Surely, I had just knocked the wind out of myself, which I have done many times before. Not being able to breathe was usually so scary for me, feeling claustrophobic and putting me into panic mode, making my heartbeat faster and faster. Although that was a typical reaction for me, none of those reactions happened that day. I was pretty calm, composed, as I just listened to what my subconscious brain was telling me to do, which was walk toward the ATV and get the hell out of there. Fortunately, my subconscious went into survival mode and knew better than my conscious mind what I needed to do. I never once felt like I needed to panic. I knew I would be taken care of by someone, somewhere, somehow.


Meet the Author:

Diane Mullins has a master's degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University where she learned how to manage, inspire, and motivate people. She has spent most of her life working in private dental offices as a dental hygienist. Diane is a certified health/life coach, which has allowed her to help others with weight loss, setting goals, and motivation. Now as an author she tells her own story of a tragic accident that taught her things crucial to her own wellbeing and the possibility of helping others in a whole new way. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing information about my book, I appreciate your time. Hopefully others who struggle with no self esteem or self confidence feel comfortable knowing they are not alone.


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