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Omen Amen by Jenny Ackland - Book Tour

 Omen Amen by Jenny Ackland


Will Climate Change stimulate global action?

The novel concentrates, initially,on the years around 4000. A totally different society has evolved from past ecological and environmental mistakes.

It is a time of strict expectations following the devastation. Time Capsules are found, from two millennia past, illustrating peoples' habits and lifestyles. Were lessons learnt?

Time moves to the years around 6000 with a rigidly controlled society, led by Summiters, Emotions are forbidden.

Discs are found which install instant historical information into the 'brainstores' of the surviving Summiters.

One character possesses a unique ability to create a barrier permitting emotional reactions freely without sanction. Her name is Opal. She revels in the wonderful visions of millennia past. Dance, drama, art, music, sport and literature are received by Opal into her personal 'brainstore'. She manages to activate her emotional barrier to avoid detection.

Her enthusiasm for past creativity might make her careless.

Information about the Book

Title: Omen Amen

Author: Jenny Ackland

Genre: Sci-Fi

Publication Date: 21st January 2021

Page Count: 162

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56747665-omen-amen 

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Omen-Amen-Jenny-Ackland/dp/1913568024/ 

Excerpt The year 4000

The Growth of Area Leaders.

In the time of approximately 4000 time present there are still some human throwback remains. These relics are the progeny of the few humans who survived the annihilation of that devastating time.

The decision to phase them out was passed by the Area Leaders, who were, and remain, the controllers of the area groups throughout the Worldmass orbit. All the throwback corpses were retained for research. Some of the elderly surviving humans had the remnants of faults, most of which have since been eliminated. It is hoped that, within the near future, all genetic mutations will have been destroyed. The Area Leaders have the knowledge that they have survived themselves by being in possession of superior genetic constitutions.

We, the Area Leaders representing different areas of the world landmasses, are investigating the contents of many Time Capsules. We will use the knowledge from these to make decisions about any that might be used for research. The Time Capsules were found deep underneath the earthsoils when intensive digging was being undertaken for further construction of living occupation.

There are many millions of Time Capsules each with an indication of the contents. We, as Area Leaders will ensure that the knowledge of the time past will be used only if it is considered beneficial to our peoples.

The first container to be opened was one tightly filled with evidence of the skeleton of the peoples of millennia past.

One particularly noticeable characteristic of these remnants from time past concerns the skeletal formation of the bones of the spine. The remnants show thoracic bones have evolved to curve outwards so that the neck appears bent. We assume this is the result of the apparent obsession the peoples of the years, approximately 1980 onwards, for observing the content of screens, often for many consecutive hours.

We have been interested to see the development of virtual reality. This was another poorly thought out invention which was rapidly manufactured without the essential consideration of impact. We are confident our knowledge of historical errors will ensure our future will be faultless. Unfortunately, this residue of peoples from the years approximately 2000 to 2050 had indications of further numerous unacceptable attributes. As a result of this research, the future is being completely re-designed and manufactured to avoid the following: obesity, mental health issues, poor physical ability, learning and performing problems, poor eating habits, drug and gaming addictions, emphasis on appearance, tattoos, genetic mutations and addiction to technology. We will investigate all the millions of facts in

the Time Capsules with great intensity.

We are increasingly in the knowledge that there were negative living environments for these peoples. There was much violence on all sizes of screens. This could be the reason why the peoples of those times past, by visually witnessing so much aggression, accepted this as normal behaviour.

There are positive signs that most of our citizens are accepting the radical decisions being made on their behalf. As the process of elimination of all unproductive attitudes and characteristics progresses, all choices are gradually being superimposed by the Area Leaders.

As all these undesirable characteristics have been exposed to us over many centuries we have been increasingly confident that success in achieving the perfect and productive citizen will come to fruition in the near future. As we gather further information about the peoples of more than two millennia time past, we are increasingly convinced that our decisions are correct.

Author Information

Teaching degree, worked for 16 years with children with specific disabilities, writing early learning Activity Books for Oxford University Press. Also wrote the Activity Books supporting the Oxford Reading Tree which is a reading scheme adopted by the majority of Primary Schools.

Continued writing for children.

Wanted to write non- academic material, so have many long and short works needing attention.   My main obsession has been to keep the pressure on the world to meet  the Global Warming reductions of carbon and other pollutants. I was please that I had finished OMEN  AMEN before COVID 19.

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