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Redemption of the Gorgons by Claire Davon - Book Tour + Giveaway

Gorgon's Price
Redemption of the Gorgons Book 1
by Claire Davon
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Euryale will never forget the day the gods turned her into a monster. After millennia, her heart beats faster at the idea of regaining her normal form. For the feel of skin and not scales, hair and not snakes. But the price could be too high.

Knowing full well the gods can’t be trusted, Euryale agrees to take on a reluctant partner to track down whoever is murdering a growing number of gods. A murderer no one cared about until the killings edged uncomfortably close to bigger and bigger pantheons. Tracking the murderers down is the price she has to pay for her newly restored form—and that of her two equally cursed sisters.

Asher’s unusual gift for eerily horrific sound effects make him a highly sought-after voiceover artist. While he keeps a low profile, there has always been a ticking time bomb in the form of the bargain between his banshee mother and his father, the god Ares. It’s time to pay up—or pay with his life.

As Euryale and Asher dance around their mutual mistrust, the friction ignites a fire of unexpected attraction. But love is almost as impossible as the dangerous task ahead. Because even if the murderers don’t stab them in the back, the fickle gods certainly will.

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Gorgon's Quest
Redemption of the Gorgons Book 2

Thanks to her sister Euryale’s bargain with the gods, gorgon Stheno is back in human form—but far from comfortable in her skin. As the fiercest warrior of her three sisters, she mourns her tough, beastly hide and snaky hair.

The last thing anyone would call Stheno is girly—much less beautiful—but before she sets out to find her lost, mortal sister, Medusa, she googles a salon at random to cut off her annoyingly long hair. Her stylist is Marwen, a man with compelling, light-brown eyes that glow with an otherworldly light.

The last of Stheno’s unruly locks barely hit the floor when the first attack comes, and in a heartbeat they’re on the run. As their passion ignites, they realize they didn’t meet by chance. They’re both entangled in a prophecy drawing them inexorably toward one fated conclusion: Medusa. But there’s a faction working just as hard to make sure it never happens.

To save her sister, Stheno will have to face her fear—that once she unleashes her beast, Marwen won’t look upon her with love any more, but with horror.

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Something had woken him. He couldn’t identify the source, but an entity had reached into his mind and stirred him to wakefulness. Marwan eased out of the bed and went to the window. Although the black night coated everything, the glint of the lake shone. Marwan understood that was where he was supposed to go. He couldn’t ignore a summons that could rouse him out of sleep. There was one group of beings that could do that—the gods.

He had a few questions for them, anyway.

He made his way down to the lake, heedless of his path, trusting that whatever was compelling him would keep him safe. He would soon find out if this was a waking vision, a dream state, or reality.

It wasn’t a god but a goddess who waited for him when he arrived down by the water. Wet sand oozed under his bare feet, but Marwan paid no attention to the squishy sensation. The woman studied him in the manner of a teacher examining a student. He searched his memory and found a name. Geshtinanna. He gathered all he could recall about the dark-haired woman in a brown cloak, surrounded by mystery. She was a local deity, an agricultural divinity associated with dream interpretation. She was linked with interpretation, but not the dreams themselves. It was a puzzle, but there was a lot that humans didn’t understand about the ancient gods.

“Am I dreaming?”

She gestured with her hand to the water. “It may be that you are. It may be that you are not. Walk with me.”

Marwan fell into step next to her. Despite his height, she was taller, but that was the way of dreams—or visions.

The lake lapped against the shoreline, a peaceful counterpart to the unease inside him. A snake was hissing but didn’t seem like one of Stheno’s. Could other gods penetrate Geshtinanna’s dreamlands? His ancestor was god of vegetation and the Underworld, and snakes—he had to have experience in other realms. Marwan realized how little he knew about the pantheon he was descended from. He had been away too long.

“The veil between dreaming and waking is thinner than you grasp, son of Ningishzida. Dreams can be useful, when expertly employed. Those who are your enemies can’t detect them.”

“Is that why you came to me in this manner?”

She inclined her head. “The gods who pursue you are related to me through my brother. The prophecy has frightened them. They think that by stopping you from waking the sister, you will be prevented from enacting what is to come. However, it is not them who took her. They would have interceded, but another was there before they arrived.”

Shocked, he turned to her, but she was staring over the water. “What is the prophecy?”

 She shook her head. “I don’t have an answer to that. It is something that has been kept guarded by those who have read it. But you and the sister have a place in it, and the day is drawing near.”

He lowered his gaze. “By ‘the sister’ you mean Stheno, not Medusa, is that correct? Medusa is somewhere she shouldn’t be, and it is Stheno that is relevant to me, not Medusa.” He wasn’t sure it was wise to say the next words, but he went ahead. “Medusa matters to Stheno therefore she is important to me. Otherwise she wouldn’t be of much concern.” He should have been ashamed saying this in front of one of the Sumerian mother goddesses, but he wasn’t. There was little point in lying.

“It is as I suspected. What is coming will have great impact on the gods, if what I have learned of the prophecy holds true. But prophecies are a funny thing. They do not often transpire in the ways people expect. It is in trying to thwart them that people make their mistake. You have a part to play in this. It is not an accident that you and Stheno were brought together. I have witnessed the two of you in my visions. Much hinges on what you do. Your role in this is as big as the one Medusa plays. Utu, my brother’s wife’s brother, hunts you for many reasons. The prediction is but one. Beware him and be wary of his followers. There are many possible outcomes. I have followed their paths in my dreams. I cannot counsel you on what the right one is. You are not alone in this. Not all of us are aligned with him. We will help if we can. There is much still to do.”

Geshtinanna continued to walk and did not quite touch the ground. In all other ways the landscape had the solidity of reality, but that single fact told him he had to be asleep.

“I don’t have any idea what I’m supposed to do next. I am at a loss, goddess.”

“Do not worry. It will not be long. They are coming.”

With that, Marwan jerked awake.


Gorgon's Release
Redemption of the Gorgons Book 3

A prophecy has been set in motion. Only love can change its course.

Medusa awakens in an unfamiliar cave, catches a glimpse of her reflection in a pool—and screams. Her thick hide, claws, snake-hair, even her ability to turn anyone into a garden statue with a look, all gone.
 The heart-stopping beauty that caused her and her sisters’ downfall is restored.

Confused, uncertain, vulnerable in her weak human body, she sets out across an unfamiliar countryside, where she meets a stranger from whom she can’t tear her once-deadly gaze.

The first time Olivier lays eyes on Medusa, awareness hits him low and hard. Her penetrating gaze ignites desires deep in his psyche, and an awareness that brought him across an ocean to await the answer to his great-grandfather’s cryptic message: Now is the time.

A secret in Olivier’s bloodline could help Medusa fulfill a prophecy to cause the downfall of the gods. But as they race to discover its final missing pieces, the truth becomes clear. They could be pawns in a hidden struggle for power. One wrong move, and their future could be lost like stones in the sea.

**Only .99 cents!! **

Claire can’t remember a time when writing wasn’t part of her life. Growing up, she used to write stories with her friends. As a teenager she started out reading fantasy and science fiction, but her diet quickly changed to romance and happily-ever-after’s. A native of Massachusetts and cold weather, she left all that behind to move to the sun and fun of California, but has always lived no more than twenty miles from the ocean.
In college she studied acting with a minor in creative writing. In hindsight she should have flipped course studies. Before she was published, she sold books on eBay and discovered some of her favorite authors by sampling the goods, which was the perfect solution. Claire has many book-irons in the fire, most notably her urban fantasy series, The Elementals’ Challenge series, but writes contemporary and shifter romances as well as.
While she’s not a movie mogul or actor, she does work in the film industry with her office firmly situated in the 90210 district of Hollywood. Prone to break out into song, she is quick on feet and just as quick with snappy dialogue. In addition to writing she does animal rescue, reads, and goes to movies. She loves to hear from fans, so feel free to drop her a line.

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