Friday, January 1, 2021

The Coronet by F.K. Sewell - Guest Blogger Book Review


Vesta Calida Cavendish knows she is destined for a life at sea like her father, despite the opinions of others. However, when her mother begins to foist a future she can’t bear upon her in earnest and her brother Nicolas is given captaincy of the family ship, she takes the only escape open to her – she leaves Port Royal to prove herself, on the first crew that will take her. Leaving behind the only town she knows and the only family she has, she embarks on a new life as ‘Fernando.’
She knew piracy would be tough but some of the events in store could never have been anticipated…

Meanwhile in England, Matthew is facing an uphill battle to be himself. Trapped in high society with his violent father and hyper-critical mother, whilst secretly harbouring feelings for the stable-hand, his life becomes unbearable. Desperate for a way out, he decides his inheritance might not be worth the prison he lives in…

Nicolas Cavendish inherits his father’s ship as he always knew he would. As far as he can tell, Captaining is easy – the coin, the women and the alcohol are easy to come by and the world is his oyster. He cares little for thinking about the future, but what he refuses to think about may just prove to be his weakness…

Whether they like it or not, all three of their destinies are linked.

Jennifer's Review
The Coronet is a good book. I enjoyed reading it. 
It's about a brother and sister whose father owns a ship. He makes his son the captain while his daughter is just made a crew mate forced to work for her brother. But before she gets a chance to join him, she works and fights with other ships as a pirate. 
When she and her brother and their crew return home to Port Royal, a terrible sight waits for them. 
What happened, and what happens to the brother and sister? 
I give this 3 stars.

Author Bio
F. K. Sewell was born in West Sussex, has lived in Wexford, Ireland, Cork city, Los Angeles and currently resides in London.
Faye attended drama school and has a background in acting, with a keen interest in martial arts, weapons training, history and travelling.
When not writing Faye is most likely to be found on a film set, at the gym, on a beach or drinking large amounts of green tea while reading.
Faye's favourite genre to write is historical fiction, with a particular interest in the golden age of piracy. The Black Feather trilogy (Released 2016/2017) being the first series.
The Cavendish trilogy (2018-2020) serves as a prequel trilogy, but can be read before or after the first.

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