Theodore Beckett knows nothing of magic until his bedroom wall smiles…

… and then tries to kill him.

Doors to a whole new world suddenly crash open for Theo, a world filled with monsters, magicians, and dragons. His role in this secret society slowly unfolds when Theo learns he is the son of its lost hero. The man who defeated the Orc King. Elijah Dros.

A new war looms, and Theo realizes his introduction might not be a coincidence. He may well be the last Hunter. But with nobody to teach him, how will Theo ever learn to protect himself, let alone others?

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Jennifer's Review
The Last Monster Hunter is a very good book. I really liked it and enjoyed all the characters. 
It's about a young boy named Theo who gets sucked into a portal, then thrown into another one, only to find himself in an old woman's shop.  
After telling her who he is and what he needs, she helps him find a library where he meets the four wardens. They're tasked with protecting him while he goes on his mission to find a specific item to try and save the world of the monsters. 
Does he succeed? Read the second book to find out. 
5 stars

Author Bio
Luke Romyn is a USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author whose books have sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. With a background in international security, Luke’s books are high-octane fantasies, stretching the limits of human imagination from apocalyptic thrillers to psychic suspense to mythical adventure. Luke lives in Northern Queensland, Australia, with his wife, Sarah, and various animals he calls family.