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The Shape of Stars Unknown by Sybille Pyrmont - Book Tour + Giveaway

The Shape of Stars Unknown
Sybil Le Pyrmont
(The Aldarfall Saga, #1)
Publication date: October 15th 2020
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

World domination is the least of their problems.

A STRANDED DEMIGOD. Lau of the House of Feofar, troubled and headstrong, screwed up. Royally. Now he lives out his days in exile on Earth – the very planet he once tried to exterminate.

A RUDDERLESS MORTAL WOMAN. Silver Laing leads the ordinary life of a white-collar worker. Lonely and desperately in search of purpose and new horizons, she gets more than she bargained for when she is offered a mysterious job.

A CATACLYSMIC PLAN BILLIONS OF YEARS IN THE MAKING. When a deadly visitor from Lau’s shrouded past threatens to lay the world in ashes, Silver and Lau must form an unlikely alliance against ancient and far superior forces.

An alliance with the potential to shake the very foundation of the Universe.

Shimmering new worlds?
Sizzling tension?
Secrets as old as time?
Splashes of humour?

If your answer to all of the above is ‘Hell, yeah!’ then The Shape of Stars Unknown is your guy. This first book in Sybil Le Pyrmont’s new urban fantasy adventure series, The Aldarfall Saga, will take you from Germany to Tibet, from Japan to Iceland and all the way to the other end of the Universe.

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Quiet. It was too quiet.
His eyes dashed to the helicopter. The aircraft descended towards the ground at a steep angle. Its engine issued no sound albeit the main rotors remained functional. To Lau’s massive relief, Watkins appeared to know what he was doing. When a chopper engine failed, it disengaged from the rotor blades, and if the pilot was competent, he would lower the pitch to reduce lift and drag so the rotors continued to turn, enabling a more or less orderly descent instead of falling from the skies like a stone. The Englishman undertook those manoeuvres swiftly and with dexterity. In spite of approaching the ground fast, the helicopter was not spinning out of control. Even so, the two mortals were in for a rough touchdown if the craft happened to be snared by a gust of the katabatic winds plummeting from the mountains onto the plateau. Lau caught a glimpse of Silver on the co-pilot’s seat. Her face was ashen; her hand rested flat against the window to her right. He could discern the hard line of her unmoving jaw. A second later he saw her nod in response to something Watkins said and place her hands on her knees before she bent her head in the classic shoulder harness brace position. Lau saw no tears, no hysteria, yet he felt her fear like his own. And her determination to battle it.
He was changing directions mid-leap to arrive in time should the emergency landing go awry when he sensed something else. A series of powerful jolts.
How on Aldarfall had he not felt it earlier?
They were not dealing with mechanical failure.
The helicopter sped up, nearing the ground at a breakneck velocity as if pushed down by an invisible hand. Fifty metres, forty, thirty, twenty ... zero.
Metal screeched as the chopper skidded over naked rock. Rotors and spare parts were catapulted far onto the plain. Noises of bursting and breaking material saturated the air while the thunder of the first impact still resounded from the surrounding mountains. It was a cacophony of destruction that turned Lau’s stomach – even more so when the wreckage came to a stop right in front of a lone figure that had materialised in the centre of the plateau.


Author Bio:

Sybil Le Pyrmont was born in Germany and was raised on the Canary Islands (that Gallic name is a pseudonym – her actual name has as much flair as a tax return). Although she now resides in Frankfurt, Germany, her heart has been beating for Tokyo ever since she spent a year in that city and discovered her epic love for all things Japan. That includes, to her acute embarrassment, the Shinagawa train station jingle she has installed as her ringtone. When Sybil isn’t writing, or dreaming of the anonymous donor who will some day gift her a house in Japan, she splits her time between her airline day job and long rants about the sunshine and the always-too-hot weather.

Sybil writes urban fantasy adventure to whisk her readers away to realms of imagination that have a distinct possibility of existing somewhere in the depths of the Universe.

Visit spyrmont.com for more on Sybil and her writing.

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