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Battle of the Bullies by Fenyx Blue - Book Tour + Giveaway


Join us for this tour from Feb 1 to Feb 19, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Battle of the Bullies by Fenyx Blue
CategoryYA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  301 pages
Genre:  Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
PublisherWisdom Works, LLC.
Release date:   October 29, 2020
Content Rating:  G. There are not any explicit sex scenes or any excessive use of bad language

Book Description:

Ebony, Eris, and Emani Robertson have been through so much more than most high school freshman. When they were younger, they survived a school shooting that killed their friends and left their oldest sister unable to speak. After giving home-schooling a try, they enroll in a promising new academy, hoping for the best. The Robertsons soon discover, however, that their new classmates are anything but kind. A mysterious group of bullies known as the Dimes rules the hallways and spreads fear everywhere they go. All three sisters end up being targets of the gang and have to find a way to defend themselves. The triplets couldn't be more different, but their loyalty to each other and to their school never fails. Along with a diverse group of friends, the Robertsons do everything they can to uncover their identity of the Dimes and restore order to the school. As if their lives weren't complicated enough, they also get sucked in to a much bigger game-discovering who was responsible for the attack on their old school. Can they bring down the Dimes and bring the murderer to justice, all while trying to make it through ninth grade? 

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Author Interview
What made you write a book about bullying?
When I was a high school student, I was an unconventional popular student.  I was the cheerleader who sat with those who no one else would sit with in the cafeteria.  I was the student council vice president who invited all students to the dance, especially those who had never attended a dance or did not have a date.  I was the friend who told a skinny classmate who felt uncomfortable in her own skin that she was beautiful.  She has now gone on to become a supermodel.  Most people expect me to say I was bullied as a child, but I have always been an upstander. That is how I know how important it is to be an upstander for those who are bullied.  I wrote about bullying because I have witnessed bullied students become great human beings with the help of upstanders.  I want to inspire teens to become upstanders for those who are targeted by bullies.  We may not be able to change the hearts of all bullies, but we can encourage students to no longer stand by and allow bullying to happen.

 There are many books about bullying, what makes your book different?
As an advocate against bullying, I am always shocked that people do not believe that girls can be bullies.  I am even more shocked when they say that they can only be “mean girls.”  Battle of The Bullies provides a look at all of the types of bullying that girls participate in including isolation, gossiping, physical bullying, and cyber bullying.  It also shows the danger of anonymity and silence.  Bullies of all genders get away with harming others because of the silence of their enemies.  We need more brave teenagers who will speak up instead of keeping secrets for bullies.

 Do you have another profession besides writing?
My high school English teacher, Mr. Torrence, said I would become a teacher.  He was correct.  I thought I would be a lawyer or a doctor, but I am so happy to be an educator.  I have the pleasure of encouraging students to love to read each day.  I also help other teachers to engage their students, to motivate them, and to help them to grow as learners in my role as an instructional coach.  Each author is unique, but I appreciate having two professions that compliment one another:  I teach students who tell me what they wish they could read about and as an author I am able to make their wishes come true.

 What is your next project?
After I successfully published four books, aspiring writers began to reach out to me to help them along their writing journey.  I am so excited to be helping future writers to publish their books.  I am finalizing Book III in The Triplet Trilogy, but I am having as much fun helping eager writers to make their dreams come true.  One of my current writers is a teacher who is writing a book on financial literacy.  I am sure his book will make a difference and change many lives for the better.

 If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time?
I will not pretend to be perfect or 100 % balanced as a mompreneur.  Some days I am 60% author and 40% mompreneur and some days I am 80% mommy and 20% authorpreneur.  My kids and I create our calendar together.  They are the priority, but they know that their Mommy does many projects so that other kids can become heroes.  I have told them that I hope to save lives, prevent crimes, and protect the innocent.  The calendar has been helpful because I can plan everything out by month.  We make the hard choices of what is a must do versus what is a may do activity.  Since I have two teenage children, they have fewer demands on my time, but I love that they know that they get first choice when it comes to my time.

 If you could go back in time, where would you go?
I imagine myself during the Harlem Renaissance in New York.  Langston Hughes is introducing me as I come to the microphone to recite a poem.  I imagine jazz playing in the background.  My outfit makes the audience sit up in their seats.  They admire my feathers, beaded gown, and pearls.  The room is filled with playwrights, artists, musicians, and creative, cultural icons.  I want to be in the room with the thinkers, trailblazers, and history makers in Harlem.  I was created to create.  I am gifted to give.  I would want to go back to a place where innovation was welcomed.

 What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Deciding to write a book takes courage, but I would like to share the time that I stepped out of my comfort zone to be brave.  I was in Army ROTC in college.  I had a gun, a uniform, and a mission.  My instructor told us to climb to the top of the stands.  I was afraid of heights, but I knew that failure was not an option with this military man.  I knew that he would not take fear as an excuse so I began to climb.  I looked up to the sky as it got closer and closer to me hoping to reach the top without having a heart attack.  My heartbeat matched the university band’s pulsating beats.  I made it to the top only to hear him say, “On my count, rappel.”  Our entire squad was to rappel down the stands in unison while fans cheered us on from below.  This required facing my fear, literally.  You know how they say your entire life flashes by when you face death or destruction?  It wasn’t true.  I didn’t see what I had experienced in life, I saw what I wanted to be.  I wanted to be fearless.  I decided I would not be afraid again in the future.  If I could win the battle with anxiety, I could win future wars, too.


Meet the Author:

BLUE: Bold, Loving, Unapologetic, and Evolving are words to describe Fenyx Blue. Ms. Blue is an author, Youtuber (FENYX BLUE INK), speaker, ministry leader, mentor, instructional coach and her school district’s former “Those Who Excel” Teacher of the Year. Ms. Blue is a soldier in the Blue Fenyx movement encouraging every phoenix in the world to rise up. Blue’s mission is to inspire, motivate and educate. Blue speaks to audiences about their purpose and power and works to coach other authors through their journey to become published. Her novels are tools for teachers while being candy for students. Fenyx Blue has penned four books in her poetic collection in which she shares true life tales and lessons: Her first Young Adult novel entitled Who Failed Johnny? (Book 1 of The Triplet Trilogy), second YA novel Battle of the Bullies, a Children’s book called Worth the Weight: A Rare Gem, and a Poetry Book by the name of The Blue Ink Movement. With the help of her extended family and friends network, her self-published books will touch many lives this year.

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  1. Very nice cover. I like the blurb. I like that it talks about bullying, a very real issue, and I like that the sisters are triplets. Sounds like a good book for younger readers. Thanks for the chance.


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