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Bernice Takes a Plunge by Ann Harth - Book Tour & Review

Bernice Takes a Plunge – Ann Harth

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About Bernice Takes a Plunge
Bernice Peppercorn’s imagination fills her mind and her notebooks with adventure and intrigue. She sees crimes where there are none and races to the local police station daily to fulfill her civic duty.

When a real robbery is committed in town, Bernice dives into detective mode and stumbles across vital clues that could help find the thieves. No one believes her except Ike, a one-legged fisherman who lives down at the wharf.

Bernice Takes a Plunge is an exciting and humorous adventure for middle grade readers.

Bernice Takes a Plunge is a silly middle-grade novel about a little girl named Bernice. She's imaginative and always making up stories, and sometimes her imagination gets a little carried away. 
When her favorite film star becomes the victim of a robbery. Bernice decides she's going to solve the case. But what can a little girl really do when no one believes her or takes her seriously? 
With only the support of a peg-legged fisherman, Bernice is determined to figure out who stole the jewels and precious items, no matter what it takes.
Does she save the day, or has her imagination finally run away with her?
I found this story to be fun and full of adventure. It's whimsical and cute, while still taking on a serious subject (the robbery). While Bernice can be a bit much at times, she's a sweet, well-written character you can't help but root for. 
I was also a fan of Ike. He was a good guy, and I enjoyed the friendship he formed with Bernice.
Middle-grade readers (and young-at-heart adults) will find themselves drawn into Bernice's world, and solving the mystery right along with her is the perfect way to spend a few hours of any day. 
4.5 stars from me!

Praise for Bernice Takes a Plunge
The perfect book for the entire family, An adorable tale of a young girl named Bernice that takes you on a detective adventure looking for clues to solve a mystery. Each chapter builds suspense wondering will she solve the mystery in time? If you want to find out, I suggest getting your family together and going on a detective adventure with Bernice. 

This book is safe for the whole family, I read a chapter a day to my son who felt involved in the story. Ann Harth has this outstanding ability to make the readers feel they are in the story themselves. My family and I highly recommend reading “Bernice Takes a Plunge” by Ann Harth. I guarantee you won’t be able to put this read down. Keeps your attention from the beginning. 
Kelonie – Goodreads

It’s a well written story, full of details. it was a pleasure to read it, light and funny.
Bernice is determined and lively, always ready for an adventure and has a vivid imagination, how it supposed to be at his age.
The small family misunderstandings and the events that take place throughout the story catch your attention. Definitely a book to recommend to all middle grade. 
Adina Grey – Goodreads

This is a delightful chapter book for older elementary and middle schoolers. Bernice is a quirky, red-headed wanna be writer and police detective. She lives in a small town located on a coastal shore complete with boat piers and lots of ships. The local police are used to her “help”. She and her best friend are obsessed (as all young girls are), with the local movie star, Crystal Bell. The two of them know all things “Crystal”. Bernice has even formed a relationship with Bell’s bodyguard/chauffeur who has caught her sneaking around the Bell mansion.. 
Bernice finds herself having to go it alone when her bestie comes down with Chickenpox. Continuing on in her adventures of sleuthing, she makes notes of all she sees and hears, even the flashes of light coming from a nearby uninhabited island. While studying these flashes and trying to get closer to them she meets a peg-leg sea captain whose boat is docked at the pier. Now Bernice is the type of person that gives 100% so she decides to see what it is like to be peg-legged and ties her leg back and learns to walk on a plunger. When one has this kind of dedication very little will stop the person from success.. 
Harth has written a fun adventure story that will tickle the funny bones, provide a little tension, and some good old fashioned scares. Her characters will become like friends to the readers and you won’t want to wait for another adventure. This is a more modern tale along the lines of Pippy Longstocking.. 
Julia Walker – Goodreads

Adventure! Mystery! Action!
Follow along with spunky Bernice as she solves crimes, makes an unlikely friend and writes her great novel!
This book was a joy to read, start to finish. It took me back to my days of Judy Blume, when reading was an exciting adventure as a kid.
Bernice is a relatable heroine, with a vivid imagination. Harth’s writing is fun and alive. She does an excellent job of painting the scene for you, fully immersing you in Bernice’s world and adventures.
A fun and quirky read, indeed- for kids and adults alike!
Redinger Grey – Goodreads

About the Author:

Ann Harth writes fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. Strong, interesting characters creep into most of her books and stories, and many arrive with a sense of humour.

Before becoming a writer, mentor and developmental editor in Far North Queensland, Ann studied psychology, waited tables, bar-tended, picked strawberries, worked as a clown and punched keys on various tills. She also spent ten years working with children with special needs. Ann taught writing for the Australian College of Journalism for eight years before taking the leap into freelance work.

Ann has had a number of fiction and non-fiction children’s books published in Australia and the UK and over 120 short stories sold internationally.

After five years (2015-2020) she has stepped down from her position as Far North Queensland representative for The Society of Children’s Book Writers and illustrators as Bernice is eager to dive into another book.

When not tapping the keys, Ann stuffs a notebook into her pack and searches for remote places to camp, hike or explore.

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