What does a hard-nosed detective, a flying hooker, naked dwarfs, a screwy ladies' room, and a smart-mouth attorney have in common? Seemingly nothing, but they all come together quite insanely in this sometimes quirky, sometimes tragic, always sexy, disjointed tale of love and betrayal.

Sylus is the detective with a penchant for cracking skulls. Cashmere is the girl-turned-woman from his past destined to bring him to his knees.

He broke her heart once. She'll be damned if she let's him do it matter what that fragile organ tells her.

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Jennifer's Review
History of Silence is a good book. 
It's about a girl who lands a job working for the police in the same building that a friend of hers (who is a guy) does. They have not seen each other for 12 years so they both were surprised and a bit upset when they met and were told they would have to work together on cases. 
Cashmere is a beautiful woman that the other officers really like and try to get her to go out with them, but she only has eyes for the guy she used to love, and they try to rekindle their relationship. 
As the book goes on, it takes us back 12 years ago to learn about Cashmere, her sister, her mother and how she and the guy met. And just like almost every relationship, there are arguments, words exchanged, and then at the end, something amazing happens. 
What it is, you have to read this book.
4 stars.