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Necropolis by Bethan Evans - Book Blitz

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Genre: Young Adult - Dystopian / Coming of Age


Wyn is a sixteen-year-old who has been brought up in the care of the Sisters, members of the religious community called The Old Collection. Between their lifestyle and the oppressions of society—which is trying to regain control through segmenting cities, bringing in a gender divide and restricting freedom—Wyn is desperate for adventure and excitement.

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Author Bio
Bethan Evans is a YA author with her debut novel, NECROPOLIS, due for release in February 2021. She draws inspiration from experience working in health and social care as well as in the academy for the local fire service, where she assisted with training scenarios; often as a casualty being cut out of cars or doing special effects make-up.
An only child, born in Wales and raised in the South of England, she has always had an active imagination and been an avid reader, often living with her head in the clouds. She has dreamt of being an author since she was six and has the childhood stories to prove it - including one that consists of three pages of the word ‘very’ repeated, just to make it the longest story she had ever written (although I'm not sure how she thought nobody would notice).
With a passion for not only writing but anything to do with the theatre and spending time with friends and family, she is also an advocate for mental health and hopes, in the future, to use her writing to help others, reduce the stigma around mental illness and normalise the conversation around mental health.

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