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The Dead Don't Sleep by Steven Max Russo - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Frank Thompson, a recent widower and aging Vietnam veteran is down from Maine visiting his nephew, Bill, and his family in New Jersey.

While at a trap range, he and his nephew have a chance encounter with a strange man who claims to remember Frank from the war.

That night, the windows in Bill’s home are shattered along with the quiet peaceful lives the two men had been living.

Three veterans from a special combat unit directed by the CIA during the Vietnam War have gathered to discuss what they are going to do about a man they claim killed one of their own over forty years ago.

Jasper, Birdie and Pogo were part of a team that called themselves the National League All Stars. They were a squad of psychopathic killers trained by Special Forces to cause death and mayhem during the war. Now, they have banded together to hunt down and kill the professional soldier who led them all those years ago.

Drawing on his military training and a resurgent bloodlust from his tortured past, Frank prepares for a final, violent reckoning that will bring him full circle with the war that never left him.

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Jennifer's Review
The Dead Don't Sleep is a good book. 
It's about three old men who hold a grudge against the man who taught them how to fight a war. 
After drugging up, they go after him, scaring him and his family. His nephew finds out about it and goes after his uncle to help him protect himself. 
The men hide out near the cabin, shooting and being shot at in return once they are found out who they are. 
They are eventually found out by a surprise group of people and what happens to them will  come as a surprise with a shocking epilogue. 
3 stars.

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