Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Secret to the Secret by Aaron David Gottfried - Guest Blogger Book Review

Why the best-selling book “The Secret” and other new age claims have only set us up for failure. What is true, what is not and how we can manifest the better part of ourselves through this thing called attraction.

This book is a critique of the well-known best seller, “The Secret.” as well as the genre of new age in general. The book identifies why “The Secret” did not give people the results they hoped for and also identifies what “it” is and how to get it. The book will answer many questions regarding the subject as previous titles have not. This serves a guide to being what you want as opposed to just getting what you want, which in turn gets us what we want.

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Jennifer's Review
The Secret to the Secret is an okay book. 
It's mostly about the secret to life, psychology stuff, and things the author learned during his life experience. 
If you like reading about psychology or how thoughts work, this is a good book for you. 

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