Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Visitor by Louvie G. Tucker - Book Tour & Review

The Visitor, Book 1 of the Corrupted Genes series

Nusans don’t cause trouble. Peter is a good Nusan. Single, annoyed with his best friend’s constant blind dates, and comfortably provided for with his job as a genmod technician, he spends his days telling expectant parents what their unborn children will look like. For a fee, he can modify physical and mental traits.

To ensure Nusa’s perfect society, however, it is law that all babies must be born with white skin, an IQ 120 or above, and without any illnesses or disabilities. These modifications are free of charge. It’s the law. And good Nusans obey the law. The people of Susa, however, are known to be troublemakers.

Thank goodness the dark-skinned Susans all live south of the border, in Susa. The closest Peter ever has to come to a dangerous Susan is either on the silver screen being vanquished by a heroic Nusan hero or on the news as deporters -- the force charged to keep Nusa safe -- prepare to send them south to Susa.

That is, until a dark-skinned visitor is suddenly inside the four walls of Peter’s quiet existence. Snarky. Irreverent and without any regard for the rules, the stranger should be a Susan but is he? Why is he claiming to have fallen from the stars?

Everything Peter knows is suddenly in question and even his status as a good Nusan is under threat as deporters seek him out on suspicion of a capital crime. Has Peter caused trouble?

Life as Peter has known it is fragile. Can he survive long enough to learn the truth? And will he even want to believe it once he finds it? 

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My Review
The Visitor is one of those books where you go into it expecting one thing and end up getting way more than you bargained for. It's definitely a fun, fresh, unique read that I rather enjoyed, and I am definitely looking forward to a sequel.
The story is set in the future. The USA has divided into two; there's Nusa and Susa (North USA and South USA). In Nusa, everyone is perfect. Babies are modified to be perfect. And everyone follows the law to a T. They're basically mindless sheep.
Susans, on the other hand, are darker skinned and portrayed as savage animals, basically. At least that's how the media in Nusa showcases them. But no one in Nusa has ever really had any contact with a Susan...until one fateful day changes everything.
But the dark-skinned visitor who shows up in Nusa is nothing like what Susans are supposed to be. He's intelligent. He's attractive. And there's more to him than meets the eye. 
When he takes Peter, a genmod tech, and Peter's friend (I forget her name at the moment) "hostage", things get interesting. Peter starts questioning everything, and soon, all three of them are on the run, fleeing for their lives from a Deporter who will stop at nothing to punish the trio.
I found The Visitor to be a fast-paced, intriguing read. It definitely kept me on my toes once it got going. The beginning was a little slow in spots, but still interesting enough to keep me reading, and I'm so glad I did. It's honestly a fantastic story.
If you're into dystopian stories with a futuristic but also relevant premise, definitely give this one a whirl. 
4.5 stars!

Author Bio – Louvie G. Tucker lives and works in the Pacific Northwest with his wife. Born in Buffalo, New York, he’s called various U.S. states, Japan, and China home at points in his life. When he’s not working in cyber security, he enjoys rock climbing, staying up to date on current events, keeping up with his Japanese language skills, and riding his bicycle. He is currently working on the second book in the Corrupted Genes series.

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