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Bounty by Bobbi Schemerhorn - Book Tour + Giveaway

by Bobbi Schemerhorn
Genre: Urban Fantasy

On a world called Olympia, a terrible disease plagues the race of gods. As rumors spread about the disappearance of the anomalias, many infected gods flee through portals from Olympia to other worlds, including Earth, hoping to avoid a similar fate.

When the disease infects Rion, a bounty hunter who once helped return anomalias to Olympia, he, too, seeks sanctuary on Earth. But Rion’s partner, Temis, hunts him. Temis still believes the lies told to the bounty hunters about the anomalias. She believes they are violent, paranoid, delusional.
Rion’s only hope is to convince Temis to see the dark truth. But how can he convince her that everything she thought she knew is a lie?

A race against time to discover a chilling truth with powerful consequences.

Temis broke the surface. The water here was thicker than she was used to, and it tasted strange compared to her last trip to this world. The air was heavier, too, making breathing difficult. It must be from the portal; its instability causing changes in the water and air around it. She was at least twenty

kilometers off the shore the only thing she could see was a buoy

several kilometers to her left.

She treaded water while her eyes adjusted to the dim light. After a few minutes she felt something nudge her under the water. She turned to find several sharks circling her; their fins the only thing sticking out of the water. Temis narrowed her eyes. She had no weapons so she hoped she could swim fast enough to escape them.

A challenge, she thought. I love a good challenge.

She dipped her head under water and made fast work of getting to the shore. Her speed was unmatched, even for a shark. When she could touch ground she stood and walked the rest of the way.

The beach was deserted but for one figure under the pier. It stood unmoving and Temis wondered if it was the cheiristi or just a statue.

How did he even know to come, she thought, then questioned if they were there for her or not. As she approached she thought she saw his shoulders slump slightly.

“Well, hurry it up already,” he shouted at her. “I’m missing the game.”

Temis shook the remaining droplets of water off her pale blue, skin-tight bodysuit and made her way to the man. He stood just over six feet and sported a round belly. His long, wavy hair blew gently in the breeze and his chest length beard mingled with his chest hair that peeked over the top of his shirt.

“You could have warned me there would be sharks.”

“How the hell did you expect me to do that? You all know this portal is unstable, dangerous. You chose to come through, it’s your issue if you get eaten by a shark.” His voice was a deep baritone that boomed with every word.

Temis decided it wasn’t worth further discussion. “I’m—”

“I don’t care. Here, cover yourself with these.” He tossed several articles of clothes at her.

“Why can’t I wear what I’ve got on?” Temis looked down at

herself; the bodysuit left nothing to the imagination. Although not transparent it still hugged her body, showing all her curves.

“I don’t have time to be bailing you out of jail for indecent exposure. Now let’s get a move on. Like I said, I’m missing the game.” He started up the sandy beach with long, steady strides.

Temis ran to catch up.

“I’m assuming your name is Hephaestus,” she said.

“Why would you assume that?” he asked.

“Well, I was told Hephaestus is the cheiristi in this district. I can only assume that would be you since you’re the only one here and you didn’t seem to find it odd that I showed up.”

The large man stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her.

“All sorts of weird shit happens on this beach. In this world, never assume anything. I thought you’d been here before. They didn’t tell me they were sending a damn rookie. Shit they didn’t tell me they were sending anybody.” He made to take a step when he turned to her again, “They call me Pike here.”


“Yes, Pike. You have a problem with that?” He hovered over her forcing her to take several steps back.

“No, of course not. I’ll call you whatever you want. But I’m no rookie, and how did you know to meet me here if you weren’t told I was coming?”

“You tripped my sensors.”


“Yes, sensors. I put them in place for just such an occasion. You damn hunters never give me any warning when you decide to come to my district. A little disrespectful if you ask me. You give all the other cheiristis notice, but no”—he turned and headed back up the hill—“God forbid you send me notification. Instead I have to come out here in the middle of the fuckin’ night and find out if I have to clean up what the sharks left behind, all because you’re either too stupid or have some death wish and decided to come through this portal despite all my warnings.”

Temis rolled her eyes and did her best to sound sincere. “I’m truly sorry to put you out, I didn’t have time to send word ahead. Unfortunately, my bounty also came through this portal.”

He grunted and continued up the hill and onto the sidewalk.

Temis struggled to get into the clothes—shorts at least three sizes too big and a T-shirt of multiple bright colors. Her bodysuit had wicked away most of the water, but her feet were covered in sand by the time she put on the thin, foam-soled shoes. She crinkled her nose at the odd feeling the piece of rubber between her toes gave her. They caused her walking to be clumsy as she tried to keep up with the cheiristi.

Pike merely glanced over his shoulder. “What’s the hold up?

Let’s go.”

She had heard about his demeanor, but hadn’t expected him to be so daunting. Perhaps spending over a century in this world was beginning to cause him mental issues.

Bobbi Schemerhorn was born in Nova Scotia, but raised in Alberta. She has lived all across Canada, living in at least five different provinces, thanks to her military husband. Bobbi enjoys watching a variety of TV shows and movies; she is a Sims 2 playing fool, and loves working with her hands making crafts. Although she has no human children she does have one beautiful kitty who has reached her 19th year.
Bobbi is self-published in the fantasy genre. She has dabbled in Steampunk and Greek Mythology as well as Urban and Epic. Outside of her own writing Bobbi takes pride in helping her fellow authors with their work with her content editing and beta reading. She is known for her tough love both in her professional and personal life.

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  1. i love imagining what struggles the gods might have!

  2. Amazing cover! It sets the tone for the book.


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