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Hope Endures by Emily Stalder Johnson - Book Tour

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Book Two in the Series of Hope

Christian literature & fiction, Action & adventure fiction

Date Published: Jan 12, 2021

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press

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Life for 17-year-old Dublin Caldwell has been filled with peace and love since 1878 when he went to live with his adoptive father, Andy Caldwell. However, terrifying events soon begin to unfold, leaving Dublin wounded and both their faith tested. Their safety is threatened, and all they can do is trust in God.

Their friendship with an unlikely character forms, only to result in betrayal and danger. Will Dublin and Andy be able to escape with their lives?



Andy rode his horse throughout all the woods on his property, scanning for any sight of his son. Despite his thorough, frantic efforts, the boy was nowhere to be found.

Andy’s concern for Dublin was becoming more and more palpable. What bothered him the most was that he knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know what exactly was wrong or where in the world Dublin could be. The hairs at the back of Andy’s neck stood on end. He attempted to call out Dublin’s name, but his voice caught in his throat. Nothing but a quiet, strangled cry escaped his lips.

Twice more he tried to call for his son, but his voice remained as though it were paralyzed. So he rode all the more frantically, searching around every boulder and in every crevice, large shade tree, and caveanywhere Dublin could be lying hurt or ill.

Perhaps he’s unconscious. Oh, Lord, what do I do? Help me, Father, so I can help him.

Andy couldn’t shake the awful feeling that something was terribly wrong. His instincts had proven to be mostly accurate in times past. And that frightened him.


About the Author

Emily Stalder Johnson is an emerging author who is passionate about writing Christian fiction to inspire and encourage her readers. An avid reader and writer for most of her life, she also enjoys creating Christian contemporary song lyrics and selling them. Emily lives in Lancaster, Ohio with her husband and roommate (who is much more like a brother to her), and their little zoo consisting of three cats and two dogs.


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