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I Love You Very Muchly! by Rick Marino - Book Tour + Giveaway

Children’s Nonfiction

Date Published: November 14, 2019

I Love You Very Muchly is a true story about Nika, a Shih-Tzu puppy who was abandoned in a crate with no one to take care of her. Her new mommy and daddy found her and decided to adopt her. They did not know how it would work out because they had two large golden retrievers, but they wanted to try anyway. This the heartwarming story of a beautiful, fun, sweet, (and sometimes bossy) puppy who needed the love of her parents and the skills of the surgeons to save her life.


The night before her surgery, she went to bed as usual. She was carried into the bedroom by Dad, and she sensed how much she was loved as she was gently placed in her comfy bed.  As Nika started to fall asleep, she looked at her mommy and daddy and said in a language only doggies knew, " I love you very muchly." (Nika was fluent in dog but only knew some human, so she never quite got the language right.)

About the Author

Rick Marino and his wife, Teresa have been raising rescue dogs and cats for decades. They share their time between their home in Ohio and New Jersey. Nika inspired Rick with her personality and braveness to write the two books about her, her bother Marco and her sister Penelope Purr.

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