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Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers by Mary Brett - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Book Details:

Book TitleOut of the Mouths of Serial Killers by Mary Brett
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18 +),  350 pages
GenreTrue Crime
PublisherWildblue Press
Release date:   Jan 19, 2020
Format available:  print, ebook, and audible

Book Description:

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF SERIAL KILLERS by author Mary Brett is as close as you will ever come to discovering the answer ... and in the killer’s own words! In this one-of-a-kind book, author Mary Brett corresponded with some of America’s most evil convicted serial killers and asked just one question: WHY? Their return letters give an insightful look into the dark mind of each killer. The reader also will be able to scrutinize direct quotes, unedited, from interrogation statements, trial testimony, media interviews, and parole hearing inquests 75 Serial Killers are included in the book, some only known to the unfortunate victims’ family, friends, and community, while others are the most infamous in the annals of serial killers. All bios feature the crime, the capture, the victims, and background facts. Crime scene photos, some graphic, are featured.

Note: For more pictures and actual letters from serial killers, visit the gallery here: http://wbp.bz/mouthsserialkillersgallery

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My Review
Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers is a fascinating true crime book featuring well-known killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, and lesser-known killers like Anthony Kirkland and Keith Jesperson. Written in alphabetical order (based on last name), the book showcases details about each killer, their crime, their response (if one was given) to the letter asking why they killed, and other little tidbits. It's an intriguing book that I rather enjoyed. 
I've always been a bit morbid, and as a teenager, I discovered true crime novels and became captivated by learning whatever I could about serial killers. I used to carry The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers around with me when I was in ninth grade (which clearly didn't help much with my already shy, anti-social ways lol), and even though I thought I outgrew my fascination with true crime, this book reminded me that my interest never actually went away. I just buried it deep down so I could try and be "normal" as an adult. To be fair, I had career goals as a teenager to become a criminal profiler or psychologist, so that's probably why. Whatever the reason, this book rekindled my obsession with true crime.
While a lot of the stuff found within the pages could be considered dark and triggering for some readers, I do think it will appeal to people who are curious or have always wanted to know or understand why people kill. And why most of the killers in this book are male, there are some females included because, let's be real, women do kill too. They're just not as prominent or well-known (unless you count Aileen Wuornos).
I will admit, I was a little disappointed that a lot of the killers never responded to the letters (the ones who are still alive, anyway, and received one), but there is a website listed in the back of the book that does include more in-depth letters and some more photos, so that's a plus.
Overall, I would have to say Out of the Mouths of Serial Killers is a book I found compelling and morbid. Fans of true crime will want to give this one a go.
4.5 stars from me.

 Guest Post

A strange question but one I get asked often during TV and radio interviews: A resounding NO, but some Serial Killers in my book made more of an impact on me than others.

I was naïve when I began writing to incarcerated Serial Killers asking just one question: “Why?”.  I was forthcoming, telling each I had started writing a book on Serial Killers with one goal: to find out why they murdered. Since I promised their responses would be published unredacted and uncensored, I expected heart-felt confessions, possibly personal insight into themselves, a cleansing of the soul, so to speak.

I never got that.

I did, however, learn to read between the lines. For instance, a Serial Killer that had been a charmer, luring his victims by a pleasant appearance and saccharine words, would write a letter that would start off with flattery…. If the Serial Killer was a control killer, then the letter would be rude and demanding with defined outlines for me to follow exactly.

I wrote 70 profiles, but since space here is limited, I will only mention one Serial Killer that made a big impact on me: Gary Ray Bowles, the I-95 Killer, was a handsome and soft-spoken young man who murdered 7 gay men, all strangers. Rage and over-kill were his modus operandi and innate objects such as leaves, cloth, a sex toy, etc. were shoved deep into victims’ throats.

Bowles had a violent and defacing childhood at the hands of a stepfather. His submissive mother never intervened in his defense. He left home at the age of 13 and immediately started making a living as a male prostitute although he always claimed to be straight.  He had a least one girlfriend. He beat her so badly that a responding policewoman said she had seen better looking bodies in the morgue. He went to prison for assault but was given an early release.

He killed his first victim in 1994. What prompted the murder was never clear, but once he started killing, he did not stop until he was captured. His first letter to me was charming. Referring to his crimes, he alluded to the fact that he killed his victims because they were involved in child porn. While the savagely murdered men were gay, there was not even a hint that any of them were pedophiles. Quite the opposite. Family and friends testified to the kindness of each victim. His second letter to me was more candid, but it still lacked any insightful truth.

Gary Ray Bowles was executed by the State of Florida on 8/22/2019. age 57, by lethal injection. He had been on Death Row almost 25 years.

Two quotes from Gary Ray Bowels’ letters made such an impact on me because they explained a Serial Killer as well as anything:

“Sad to say, but it’s not hard to kill somebody. You can kill someone pretty easy if you have a mind for it.”

“I just wanted to kill as many people as I could before they caught me.”

Meet the Author:
I have just finished my 4th book, OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF SERIAL KILLERS. I wrote to convicted serial killers asking just one question: Why? Their letters back to me formed the basis of what I hope is a fascinating read as well as a chilling look into the mindset of 75 psychopathic killers who walked among us. WildBlue Press is the Publisher and I thank them and their amazing staff for producing my book in both paperback and Kindle format. In presales, my book hit #1 on Kindle in VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY. I am a Virginia native, living in Florida. I hold a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

connect with the author: amazon

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