Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Earth is My Prison by Richard S. Clare - Guest Blogger Book Review

Tag has been a prisoner all his life. Born into a maximum security prison in the ruins of a future America, life for his fellow inmates has only one purpose: to produce materials for a never-ending war. But Tag isn't like the others. He is a reader and his collection of forbidden books have made him question his reality. Questions like: What really lies beyond the prison walls? And who is the strange woman with long black hair and metal legs who appears in his dreams, beckoning him to freedom?

Jennifer's Review
The Earth is My Prison is a good book. I liked it.
A boy named Tag lives in a prison in the desert with other people and dreams of one day escaping to find his mother. 
He gets his chance and escapes but soon encounters trouble and gets lost. He is soon found and welcomed by a group of people that are different and live in trees. 
He learns about them and their problems, so in order to help them, he returns to the prison only to learn bad news. 
He takes what he came for and gives it to his new friends to help save their generation for years to come. 
3 stars.

Author Bio
Richard Sean Clare is a creative person living in Ireland with his pet fox, Sebastian. The Earth is My Prison is his first novel.

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