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The Leadership Development Tool Kit by Michael & Faswilla Sampson - Book Tour + Giveaway

Redesigning Your Leadership Development

Template to Drive Individual and Organizational Change

Business; Management; Human Resources

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Are you a CEO in a small business or start-up company interested in aligning business and talent strategy to inspire your employees?

Are you an HR “Department of One” professional looking to create a legacy project and be recognized as a more strategic partner?

This book is for you!

Practical steps to implement immediately

A set of tools for effective people leadership

Real-life examples of how a leadership development program gives rise to self-motivated, high- performance individuals (and teams) that produce long-term results and a competitive advantage for your business.

With The Leadership Development Tool Kit, you’ll learn how to create a fool-proof talent-building process to impact productivity and help your people thrive in the 21st century.

Shape Organizational Culture * Measure Outcomes * Monitor Employee Satisfaction * Optimize Critical Processes


If you manage people in today’s business environment, you will need to learn how to get your people to accomplish your organizational goals effectively as independent leaders. This is true if your business is experiencing great success in a good economy or troubling times in a bad economy. The reality is 21st century leadership is upon us, which requires supervisors, chief executive officers, and other decision makers to be great leaders. Why is management so different today than it was a generation ago? Steve Denning, author of The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management: Re-inventing the Workplace for the 21st Century, said it best.

Management in the 20th century was about achieving a finite goal: delivering goods and services, to make money. Management in the 21st century is about the infinite goal of delighting customers…

The infinite goal of delighting customers is inherently inspiring: helping other people is the essence of moral thinking. It is inherently uplifting for those doing the work, and invigorating to those for whom the work is done. Hence the goal is inherently sustainable.”

Essentially, workers cannot just go to work to crank out a widget and have that suffice. Instead, in today’s world, innovation and problem solving are key competencies every worker should have, not just those at the very top levels of the organization. But attracting and retaining innovative problem solvers requires development, which is the responsibility of the employer. Employees are trading their time and intellectual property for gainful employment as well as other benefits. Thus, employers need to get the best out of their employees so the company can in turn provide the best to its customers. How does an organization empower its employees to perform to their potential? The short answer is through a leadership development program. When this type of program ties personal employee goals to company goals, it has proven to impact productivity and bottom-line profits.

In this book, you’ll explore the reasons behind creating a leadership development program, the numerous benefits of such a program, and an actual implementation strategy.

The reason we decided to write this book was to provide a plan and path to great leadership that any individual or organization could implement. Our personal management philosophy has evolved over the course of our careers, and we believe everyone has the ability to achieve their highest potential. Leaders are the key to identifying and demonstrating what that potential looks like in others. We have been fortunate to receive numerous assessments at different times in our careers, and one thing we learned in those assessments was our natural penchant for leadership. We love learning about people and how to affect changes in behavior to ultimately achieve missions greater than ourselves. Assessments are great tools for discovering things about ourselves that we would typically overlook. They are also a great practice in self-awareness. Over the years, as we have moved through promotions into higher leadership positions, we have become increasingly aware of the need for investment in personal leadership and organizational development at all levels in an organization. If an organization is to accomplish great goals, leaders need to care for the people working toward those goals.

Overall, leadership development programs are also a great way to organize an organization’s talent management life cycle. This is the continuous process of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent in a holistic way ensuring mutual maximum benefits. Organizations that make significant investments in perfecting this process will undoubtedly have the competitive edge.

We acknowledge that in an ever-changing and more connected world, diversity and inclusion are crucial. This book however focuses on how to design a leadership development template sans calling out specific inclusion practices. We feel it is important to address this head-on.

To help illustrate principles, you’ll discover case stories throughout the book and in the Appendix.

The hope is that this book will help illuminate and demystify the strategies for and approaches to developing empowered and innovative employees eager to accomplish great things for you and your organization’s mission.

Cheers to your organizational growth!

About the Authors

Michael Sampson is an author, lecturer, certified coach and former United States foreign service officer who has studied and led international development programs and cross cultural relations since 1979. Michael has over 30 years of leadership and management experience in government and corporate environments. Since retiring from national service, Michael has been CEO of LMI Kenya, a master licensee of Leadership Management International (LMI) Inc., which ranked #1 in Leadership Development Programs in North America by Entrepreneur magazine. Michael continues to promote self-reliance and facilitate leadership development programs which drive results, quality and customer satisfaction around the world. Michael started LMI Kenya because of his desire to be more active in promoting leaders and next generation leadership in Africa. Michael is active in civic organizations including American Chamber of Commerce Kenya. He lives in Kenya with his wife, Alma, and enjoys spending time with his three adult daughters (including Faswilla, with whom he co-authored this book) and two grandchildren. Michael holds a BA in International Studies from the School for International Training and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Michael Sampson

Faswilla Sampson is an author, certified coach and co-master licensee of Leadership Management International (LMI) Inc., a performance improvement company specializing in personal leadership and organizational development. As an experienced CEO confidant, Faswilla’s mission is to develop leaders and organizations to their full potential. With more than a decade working in the non-profit healthcare sector in Washington D.C., Faswilla’s strategic planning, program management, leadership and executive coaching experience, make her an organizational change agent. She believes that for any organization to be truly impactful in the 21st century requires developing leaders within all levels of the organization now. She enjoys speaking and presenting on a variety of business topics from leadership to workforce planning to talent management. Faswilla holds a BA from University of Mary Washington and a master’s degree in International Administration from Central Michigan University.

Faswilla Sampson

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