The Night Has Seen Your Mind

Tech billionaire, Mattias Goff, has invited five creative professionals – programmer, pianist, writer, actor, and photographer – for a monthlong residency at Crystal Falls, his Arctic retreat. 

Researching brain waves, and especially the enigmatic gamma wave, Goff asks his guests to wear a kind of EEG cap in order to record the electrical activity in their brains while they engage with their respective disciplines. Although they will be paid $5million each for the experience, they all start their sojourn a little wary – some more than others.

Cut off from the outside world in the stunningly beautiful, if stark, Alaskan winter landscape they immerse themselves in their work. Soon, though, reality seems to be shifting. What is Goff really researching? Are his guests only being observed, or manipulated?

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My Review
The Night Has Seen Your Mind is a book that reads almost like a fever dream. It's strange and unsettling at times, and you're left wondering if maybe you're not under some sort of spell while on this odd experimental journey with the characters themselves. 
The story follows five creatives--Sarah, Cassian, Peter, Chris, and Jenny--as they travel to Crystal Falls to stay with reclusive tech billionaire Mattias Goff. He's offered all five of them the chance to earn $5 million if they participate in a project with him for one month. Sounds like easy money, right? Not exactly.
While the characters think they'll only have to follow some basic rules, like wearing a weird cap on their heads for 2 hours a day while working in their main field (writing, photography, music, acting, technology), they end up getting more than they bargained for almost immediately. 
Strange sensations, hallucinations, and feeling as though they're burning up even though they're in the middle of nowhere Alaska are only some of the experiences they have. 
And why is Goff so mysterious? What is he really up to, and why were these five people specifically chosen?
What starts out as a simple experiment slowly devolves into a nightmare they may not escape from.
I really enjoyed this story, although I wasn't quite sure about everything at first. It was a little slow to start, with the lead-up to the characters arriving at Crystal Falls, but once it got going, it was an intense, dark read that had me captivated. I felt like I was really in Alaska, spiraling out of control right along with the characters. It was definitely a wild ride.
If you're looking for something a little different that will make you question your own mind, definitely check out The Night Has Seen Your Mind. 
4 stars!


Author Bio – Simon Kearns was born in London in 1972 and grew up in Northern Ireland. In his teens he returned to London to study philosophy. At the end of 2004 he moved to the south of France where he lives with his partner and two children. His debut, Virtual Assassin, (Revenge Ink, 2010), explores personal responsibility in a corrupt society. It was followed by Dark Waves, (Blood Bound Books, 2014), about a powerful haunting and the scientist determined to debunk it. His stories have appeared in publications such as The Future Fire, Litro, The Honest Ulsterman, and on numerous websites. He revels in etymology, guitar, gaming, and the science of superstition.

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