The Place Beyond Her Dreams

by Oby Aligwekwe


GENRE: YA, Fantasy (Black & African American Fantasy Fiction)



“We are most courageous at our weakest; when we believe we have faced
what we fear the most and have nothing more to lose.”

At the sudden death of her grandfather, Ona’s pain transports her to
mystical Luenah—a place of infinite possibilities, free of turf wars and
other ills that plague the earthly dimension she lives in. In Luenah,
with unique intuitive and spiritual gifts passed down from
where her grandfather awaits her, Ona learns she is an Eri, one bestowed

On her eighteenth birthday, she returns to Luenah and is handed a box to
deposit her ‘exchange’ for love and happiness—her great desires.

Burdened by her quest, Ona crosses paths with danger and heartbreak as
the two men that love her dearly are viciously pitted against each other.
As evil looms, she learns that dreams carry a hefty price, and no one is
loves, even at the risk of losing everything she holds dear.
who they seem. Now, she must unmask the villain and save the one she

Set against the backdrop of two warring towns, Oby Aligwekwe’s Young
Adult debut—told from the viewpoint of her main character—is inspired by
her West African heritage, fables, and spiritual beliefs. Ona’s journey
importantly, the transformation one must go through to realize and
reveals the power of choice, the true source of happiness, and, most
eventually occupy their purpose.



Death was nothing new to me as living with my grandparents gave me the

experience of witnessing village elders passing away. My grandfather was
always in attendance to support families who had lost loved ones, and I
passing experience. This was no ordinary man. This was my Papa—a
sometimes accompanied him. Unlike the others, his death was more than a six-foot-six gentle giant, the head of our family. Since my grandfather
of Ntebe. All the other chiefs in the town, twenty in total, lined up in
was a chief, layers of rites were performed in keeping with the tradition their full chiefly regalia to pay homage to their fallen comrade. For a full twenty minutes, they danced and made ritualistic sounds around the
awe of their attires and flamboyant displays.
casket that bore the body of my grandfather. I remember being in complete

They placed the casket in the ground at midday. I stood next to my
grandmother and my parents at the graveside. My parents had been in Ntebe
since the day before. For the first time that day, I saw a physical
threatened to throw herself into the six-foot grave if my grandfather
reaction from my grandmother. Wailing from deep within her lungs, she
hole with a mound of red dirt, a group of men tried to prevent her from
didn’t return to her. As the gravediggers worked desperately to cover the
jumping in.

“Stop her!” I heard several people screaming.

Since I had always known her to be dramatic, I doubted she was going to
carry out her threat. And I was right. As gunshots to commemorate the
occasion tore through the air, my grandmother abandoned her display and
ran for cover.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Oby Aligwekwe is the author of Nfudu and Hazel House. The Place Beyond
Her Dreams is her Young Adult debut. 

Oby’s first novel, Nfudu, a romance set in 1960’s Paris, received
critical acclaim and was featured in publications such as Excellence
Magazine and Mosaic Editions. Her second novel, Hazel House, paints a
vivid portrait of how the needs of humans collide amidst intense desire
and the quest for power. In her Young Adult debut, The Place Beyond Her
Dreams, the protagonist Ona goes on a transformative journey to discover
her purpose. 

A talented writer, Oby is also an inspirational speaker and a chartered
accountant. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her family and supports
her community through her charity Éclat Beginnings.

When Oby is not working on her day job or whipping up stories, she enjoys
traveling to exotic locations and bringing pieces of her travel with her.
She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her family and supports her community
through her charity Éclat Beginnings.

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