Thursday, April 29, 2021

Immortal Divorce Court: My Ex-Wife Said Go to Hell by Kirk Zurosky - Guest Blogger Book Review

Welcome to a world where mythological creatures mess up their relationships just like we do. With a forever ex, the drama never goes away!

Immortal vampire assassin Sirius Sinister learns this the hard way when he's served divorce papers by Bloodsucker Number One--a shady woman from his past--he realizes there's a major problem: he was never even married to her, or so he thought. Regardless of the truth, Sirius is put under the jurisdiction of Immortal Divorce Court.

You would think by now he'd know having sex can lead to horrific consequences like marriage, children, and ex-wives--but some habits just won't die. Leaving his faithful vampire Maltese, Garlic, behind, Sirius travels to court to defend himself with the help of his demon attorney, Maximillian Justice. Unfortunately, the trial quickly spirals out of control, and Sirius is banished to hell for a hundred years.

When Sirius finally escapes, he ends up in the Caribbean where he meets his next paramour: the Howler. After a wild romp with his new werewolf lover under the lure of a full blood moon, he finds himself becoming the father of a litter of pups--but, the Howler and her Pack want to put the dead in deadbeat dad. Luckily, Sirius is saved by the Queen of the Merfolk, who comes with a hidden agenda even as they fall in love. Can he make it work with the Queen, or will he have to head to Immortal Divorce Court once again as yet another relationship flounders?

For all those who have nursed a broken heart--or a vengeful one--Immortal Divorce Court Volume 1 is a sexy, exciting debut and the start of a hellishly fun new series about the flawed antihero Sirius Sinister.

Jennifer's Review
Immortal Divorce Court is a very good book. I enjoyed reading it. 
Sirius Sinister gets served and has to go to divorce court where he finds out he has a son with a bloodsucker, and he never knew about it. 
He hires a demon named Justice to help him, but it backfires, so he soon finds another immortal to do it with. Same thing happens-- he gets served, goes to divorce court, loses more gold, and gets sent to the tenth level of hell. 
He soon gets stranded on an island and meets a mermaid. She has a baby and has to divorce Sirius in order for him to rescue his dog from Hades who, as it turns out, is in for the biggest shock of his life.
What is it? 
5 stars.

Author Bio
Kirk Zurosky has practiced plaintiff’s personal injury and workers’ compensation law in North Carolina and South Carolina for over twenty years. He finds working as an attorney helping those that have been injured to be incredibly rewarding. He has enjoyed writing poems, and fiction stories, since he was a child. Writing was his first love, or so he thought until he met his wife, Susie. That is when he realized what love really was all about, and that he could write one Hell of a sex scene. In Kirk’s spare time he enjoys traveling the world with Susie, world history and cultures, fitness, and experiencing all the wonder that life has to offer!

Daisy Zurosky Bio: After making her escape from a big box puppy mill during which she suffered the horrible indignity of wearing a blingy pink dress, Daisy has been taking care of the Family for the last eleven years. She spends her days checking the perimeter of the house, barking at passersby when she is outside, and sleeping in laundry baskets. She also surveys the backyard trying to come up with a plan to catch the wild bunnies that mock her with their impossible speed. She is a certified expert in treats, cheese, and dog toys, and will absolutely growl at you if you have the nerve to stop petting her. The Family unanimously states that there has never been a finer dog than Daisy.

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