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Raven Woman's Tavern by Laura Koerber - Book Tour + Giveaway


Raven Woman's Tavern
by Laura Koerber
Genre: Dystopian, Magical Realism

A backwoods bar run by a shapeshifter.‬
A road that changes length, direction, and destination.‬
A young man, lost in the forest and dying, hears the cry of a raven.‬

Set in a dystopic near future, Raven Woman’s Tavern is the story of a collection of survivalists who are squatting in the remains of a dead timber town in the Northwest. The residents—most of them old, sick, and in need—help each other by means legal and extralegal under the watchful eye of Rachel, the tavern keeper. When the peace of the community is disturbed by the sudden visit of four members of the local militia, the survivalists are frightened; not all of them are law-abiding and some are not citizens. ‬

But, as Crazy Mary said to Charlie the Poet, “You don't piss Rachel off. She's got her ways.”‬

      Charlie pushed the wheelbarrow up the street to the tavern.

He could feel the weight yanking on his elbows and shoulders.

He was like a skeleton, bones clanking and rattling, barely held

together by thinning strings of cartilage. A skeleton covered with

rags of old flesh.

      Rachel heard the wheels squeaking and poked her head out

the door. Her long black hair was unbraided, thick, and would

have been a delight to Charlie’s eye if he’d had the energy to feel

delight. If he’d been thirty years younger, and if Jimmy hadn’t

been around, he would’ve let himself fall in love with Rachel’s


      “Come for some water?” she called. Her smile, too, was a

potential delight.

      “Yup.” Charlie dropped the handles of the wheelbarrow and

tried to straighten up.

Laura started off life as an artist. Even in early elementary school she could draw with near-photo realism. She liked to tell herself stories while driving, or doing boring tasks such as housework, but never thought of herself as a writer.
That is, until she got involved in the rescue of an abused dog. Her first book, a collection of short stories entitled The Dog Thief, made the Kirkus Review list of one hundred best indy publications and set her on a course of writing.
With one exception, her subsequent novels are in the genre of fantasy, though four have themes relating to current events, and three are also dystopias. Wild Hare, the story of a half/man-half/nature spirit and his feud with the local civic powers also made the Kirkus Review “best of” list.
The exception, I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found, is the nonfiction account of the largest dog rescue in the US to succeed without help of local authorities.
Laura is a retired teacher and lives on an island in Puget Sound with her husband; her one-eyed cat; and her elderly, disabled and chronically grumpy shih tzu. She is volunteers at a rescue for unadoptable cats.

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  1. Thank you for hosting my book on your blog. I would love to answer any questions.

  2. at what point did you know how the book would end?

  3. I like the cover. It sets the tone for the book!

  4. I have read almost every one of Laura Koerber's books, and I loved them all.


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