Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sun, Stars and Limoncello by Stefania Hartley - Guest Blogger Book Review


Sonia believes that men equal heartache and disaster. Brad has sworn never to love a woman again. It’s a pity they’re so irresistibly attracted to one another.

After her traumatic teenage years, Sonia’s teaching job would be the best thing that has happened to her if it weren’t for Brad Wilson. Her arrogant, standoffish colleague never fails to rub her the wrong way. But when she’s faced with the choice between canceling the school trip to Sicily or accepting his ungraceful help, she swallows her pride and resigns herself to spending an entire week in close quarters with him. Little does she know just how close.

A tragedy from his past still haunts Brad, and he’s sworn never to let his heart be shredded by grief again. Loving another woman is not in the cards. That’s why his petite olive-skinned colleague is so very dangerous.

What could possibly go wrong when their mutual destination is one of the most romantic places in the world?

Reader advisory: This book contains references to teen suicide, accidental death and abortion.

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Jennifer's Review
Sun, Stars and Limoncello is a good book. I enjoyed reading it. 
Year 7s get to go on a field trip to Sicily but find out a teacher can't go, so in order for them to go, a replacement has to be found. 
One of the teachers--a male--reluctantly agrees, much to the horror of a female teacher who does not get along with him. They travel with the kids to Sicily and begin to enjoy the sights, the hotel, and the souvenirs. 
One of the girls starts disappearing at night and ends up in a crater, which forces the female teacher to save her. But can she? 
At the end, something special happens. What is it? 
4 stars.

Author Bio
tefania Hartley, best known as The Sicilian Mama, was born in Sicily and immediately started growing, but not very much.

She left her sunny island after falling head over heels in love with an Englishman, and now she lives in the UK with him and their three children.

Having finally learnt English, she’s enjoying it so much that she now writes short stories and romance novels.

Her short stories have been longlisted, commended and won prizes, and are regularly published by The People’s Friend magazine.
In July 2020 her debut romance, Sun, Stars and Limoncello, will be published by Totally Bound.

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