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Tell Me a Story, Babushka by Carola Schmidt - Book Tour & Review


By Carola Schmidt

Illustrated by Vinicius Melo

April 2 – 9

About Babushka Series

Tell me a Story, Babushka

When Karina asks Babushka to tell her a story about a princess and monsters, Babushka surprises her granddaughter, and even herself, telling a story about her life in Ukraine and how she had to run away to another country during the Holodomor. This folktale about memories and family is a sweet story about immigration and how history brought us to where we live today.

#1 “Tell me a story, Babushka” was a best-selling new release in Children’s Multicultural Literature on Amazon USA (Aug 2019)

“Reading Tell me a story, Babushka is a reminder of how much strength, love and pride a Ukrainian grandmother has for preserving history through her grandchildren. While combining two elements: the Holodomor famine and a princess, it’s accomplished with the right blend of dedication from author Carola Schmidt who is of Ukrainian background. She brings facts and hope as seen through a child’s eyes and delivers a delightful tale of survival for a princess to become the heroine. Any child can see that monsters can be defeated when love abounds. A book to have and to reread, lest we forget.” – Sonia Owchariw, New Jersey Press Association, Award-Winning Journalist.

My Review
Tell Me a Story, Babushka is a children's book about a little girl named Karina and her Babushka (grandmother). Karina asks her grandmother to tell her a story about princesses and monsters, so her Babushka tells Karina the story of her childhood in Ukraine. It tackles the topic of Holodomor, and while it does seem a little more on the "darker" side of things (the "monsters" in the book are bad people who are only shown as silhouettes in the illustrations), in terms of a children's book, it's also a good history lesson/introduction to another culture. 
I rather enjoyed the story and thought it would appeal more to older children (6-12 age range, perhaps), although younger readers might just enjoy looking at the pictures and having their parents read the story to them without really understanding it. 
It's educational. It's endearing. It's an overall wonderful book.
4.5 stars!

About the Author:

Carola Schmidt is a pediatric oncology pharmacist, scientific writer and children’s book writer.

Author of several books in pediatric oncology published by Springer Nature. Her scientific books are present in lists such as BookAuthority’s Best Pharmacy Books of All Time, Best New Pharmacy Books and Best New Pharmacy eBooks, and Springer Highlights 2020. Author of several kids’ books about cancer, such as Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl, Cancer Daily Life, Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer (listed by BookAuthority as one of the “81 Best Leukemia Books of All Time”.) Belonging is a subject that is present in her writing, and the two books in the Babushka Series are her first books that are not about cancer.

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