Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Angel of Bishopsgate by Eloise Reuben - Guest Blogger Book Review


London, 1848.

Struggling each day in the Old Nichol slums, Tessie and Finn dream of life in the New World.

When Tessie is attacked by an underworld figure known only as the Angel of Bishopsgate, that dream all but disappears along with her beloved Finn.

Desperate to find him, and oblivious to why the Angel wants her dead, Tessie's only clue points home to Dublin and a past long left behind.

As the layers of Victorian London unfold around her, how far will Tessie go to challenge the city's most powerful villain and be reunited with Finn?

The Angel of Bishopsgate is the first instalment in this exhilarating historical series, drawing you across the world in a fight for survival, love and freedom.

Content Advisory: Adult concepts, some violence, some course language.

Jennifer's Review
The Angel of Bishopsgate is a good mystery book. I enjoyed reading it. 
Tessie finds herself in danger after she is forced to ask a guy to give her a locket to deliver to the Angel of Bishopsgate. When he refuses, they find themselves running from him and his henchmen. 
Tessie soon learns it's her mother's problem, so she goes looking for her and soon learns the shocking truth of why the Angel of Bishopsgate wants her dead. 
Who is he? What shocking secret will Tessie learn, and what does she do about it?

Author Bio
Eloise is an Australian living in the United States with her husband, young daughter and 3 mischeivious puppies. She is a lover of old cities and all things travel. She writes historical thrillers bursting with adventure, suspense and plenty of heart.

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