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10 Little Frogs by Jason Travis - Book Tour & Review

10 Little Frogs

By Jason Travis

Illustrated by Shawn Michael Travis

May 21 – 24

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  • Genre:  Children’s picture book
  • Print length: 26 Pages
  • Age range: Picture book lovers
  • Formats available for the Tour: pdf and mobi [sorry, no paperbacks]

About 10 Little Frogs

A group of ten frogs sit on a log, when a shooting star passes overhead. Each makes a wish and is magically transformed into a playful, fun version of themselves. One by one each hops off the log to enjoy a different kind of adventure. Ten Little Frogs is a rhyming, counting picture book that leaps off the page with each ribbit-ribbit-ribbit.

“This is a great book for children who are learning to count. The frogs themselves are charming and engaging. I love the original poem by author Jason Travis that introduced the frogs and set up the story. The artwork is attractive, unique, and employs vivid, bold colors that are sure to delight. I would like to add that this book presents a splendid opportunity to interact with children reading the book through playacting the story, talking about frog biology, and reinforcing the value of counting and numbers-just to mention a few examples. 5 Stars” – George Yuhasz

My Review
10 Little Frogs is a super cute children's book about ten different frogs who are sitting on a log. Each one jumps off to go do something unique, such as bake a cake or catch a fly. And at the end, they all come together again to discuss their special adventures. How fun!
The story flows easily and is a quick, simple read. Young readers will like the "countdown" as each frog leaves to go do something different. It's a good way to teach kids numbers, especially counting backwards rather than forward.
I also thought the illustrations were nicely done and brought each frog's experience to life. The little "secrets" hidden in each illustration was a nice touch. It would make a fun game for parents to play with their young readers. Like a little scavenger hunt. 
Overall, I think this is a great book, and I would recommend it to parents of young readers.
5 stars!

About the Authors:

Jason and Shawn are brothers, born, raised, and still residents in Pittsburgh, PA.  10 Little Frogs is their first adventure in children’s literature, and hopefully the first of many fun books to come. 

Jason has always enjoyed writing.  From short stories to poetry, it’s always been a passion.  He gives a lot of credit to his parents for that passion – growing up, they were always reading to him or making up stories at bedtime.  When he and his wife, Lori, welcomed their daughter, Kathryn, into the world in 2016, that same tradition of story telling continued. It’s what ultimately inspired him to write 10 Little Frogs, as the dedication in the book illustrates. 

Shawn is a self-taught artist, drawing was something Shawn picked up during his college days.  A fan of the show Bob’s Burgers, and a lover of animals, the dog in the book is based on Shawn’s best buddy, Ender.    

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