Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Leaving the Nest by Paul Davis - Book Tour + Giveaway

Leaving the Nest
Cruisin' Around Series
by Paul R Davis
Genre: YA Romance, Drama

Already divorced and facing an empty nest, Jake plans a cruise through the Gulf Coast with his daughter Danielle before she leaves for college.

Danielle, however, struggles with the emotional baggage of her dad's reliance on her presence and what that means for her future.

Will this cruise help them sort out their emotional baggage? Or will it sink the relationship as life changes?

Paul R Davis lives with his lovely family in Wisconsin. His children, ranging from elementary school to toddler, keep him on his toes. Mission work in other countries, a Tough Mudder, and reading mythology has led to the inspirations for his stories, creating a diverse pool of ethnicities in his fiction.

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  1. This has a sweet cover and I like the story line. Looking forward to reading.

  2. oh, what a sweet read! i can identify with this a lot!

  3. Paul R. Davis is a new author to me, but I look forward to reading this. I always love meeting new authors. Thanks to this blog for the introduction.

  4. I think the book would be an interesting read although cruising on a boat would leave me seasick. My question to the author would be, 'Do you spend a lot of time on boats'


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