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Nightmares in Aston: Wicker Village by Michael J. Moore - Book Tour & Review

Nightmares in Aston: Wicker Village

By Michael J. Moore

May 6 – 9

About Wicker Village: Nightmares in Aston

Wicker Village is a trailer park with a dark secret that eleven-year-old Juanito Hernandez wishes he hadn’t discovered. He’s only lived there a week, yet the horrors within continue to find him—from a human-shaped swarm of bees, to a video on his phone that speaks directly to him, and then mysteriously vanishes. Soon his new friends begin to experience the same horrors, and the visions turn to threats. Juanito doesn’t blame his parents for not believing him, however, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re in very real danger.

My Review
Nightmares in Aston: Wicker Village is a middle-grade novel that does get a little dark at times. It's horror along the same vein as Goosebumps was (back in the day when I was a kid), but it does push the boundaries a little while still being tame enough for young horror aficionados. 
The story follows Juanito, a young boy who has moved from Seattle to tiny little Aston. He's unhappy that his family had to leave their big house and move into a much smaller trailer. Not only that, but not long after his family moves in, horrible, spooky things start happening. Juanito isn't sure what to think or to do to get the nightmares to stop, but if he and his new friends don't figure something out soon, it may just be too late.
I really liked this book. It's a relatively quick, easy read, and it brought me back to my younger years when I would get super excited about a new Goosebumps book. I enjoyed that nostalgia factor. 
The story definitely sucks you right in, taking you on one heck of a ride as you try to figure out just what is going on in Wicker Park. Can Juanito and his friends uncover the mystery of the human-shaped swarm of bees? And what about the creepy doctor who shows up out of nowhere? He's definitely scary.
I think young readers who enjoy a good spooky mystery will find Nightmares in Aston: Wicker Park a really good read.
4 stars from me!

About the Author:

Michael J Moore is an author from Washington state. His books include Highway Twenty, which appeared on the Preliminary Ballot for the 2020 Bram Stoker Award, the bestselling post-apocalyptic novel, After the Change, which is used as curriculum at the University of Washington, the psychological thriller, Secret Harbor and the middle-grade story, Nightmares in Aston. His work has received awards, has appeared in various anthologies, journals, newspapers (i.e. the Huffington Post) and magazines (i.e. the Nation), on television (with acclaimed newsman, Carlos Watson) and has been adapted for theater.

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