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Something in Your Mouth by Terry Maggert - Audio Book Tour & Review

Authors: Terry Maggert

Narrators: Lauren Ezzo, Kristin James, J.S. Arquin, Lisa Zimmerman, Eric London

Length: 2 hours 50 minutes

Publisher: Terry Maggert

Released: Mar. 26, 2021

Genre: Horror; Erotica

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Sex. Horror. Discomfort. In five stories and one poem, you'll find questions and answers, and you might learn something about yourself along the way. Something uncomfortable. Something dark. What if eternal life really can be found in the Church, but not in the way you've been taught and not without your body? If you're lonely and the world is ending, does it really matter if your lover is actually alive as long as they love you in return? When you're a doctor without morals, medical experiments are a way of life. But what if your subjects need entertainment? Why not a special pet? If your love life needs help, make sure you don't ask a god, because they can give you exactly what you want - or at least, what you think you want. Sometimes, bad people can do good things and might even end up being a hero. Unfortunately, it might cost you a few toes. And your life. And the entire world. But for a beautiful woman, isn't it worth it? And when seeking a legendary beast in the Congolese jungle, make sure to wear good boots. You never know when you might have to run. Come on in and join us. Lean back, open up, and let us take a look at that tickle. We're sure it's nothing serious. Just...something in your mouth.

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Something in Your Mouth is a collection of five short horror/erotica stories and one poem. Each one is narrated by a different person, which added to the uniqueness of the audiobook. 
I'm a huge fan of short horror stories, and done well, they make me ridiculously happy. 
Story number one, a Warm Cuppa, has an almost Lovecraftian feel too it. It kinda reminded me, oddly enough, of season five of Buffy. A man who just wants a good romp or two (or more) with a single mom learns just how magical attending her daughter's tea party can be.
Story number two, Znapper, is probably my favorite of them all. It's about a snapping turtle. But there's so much more to it than that. I won't spoil anything.'s fantastic and I loved it.
Story number three, Cool to the Touch, is about a virus. And people changing. This one was kinda odd. 
Story number four, The Mother Tongue, is about vampirism and the Church. I didn't care for this one, but I'm not a huge fan of vampires. It was pretty interesting, though.
Story number five, Pictures for Pleasure, is my second favorite story. This one is absolutely ridiculous, and I laughed out loud so many times. Stella and her sister are amazing, and the warlock they go to see made me think of the Greek God Dionysus. 
The poem that's included is short and leaves you curious and wanting more. It'd be cool to have that fleshed out into something horrifying. 
I rather enjoyed this audiobook. The narration is done well. Each person brings something different to the table in terms of how they read the story. The voices were easily distinguishable and clear enough to understand without issue. My favorite voice was the narrator for the last story (Pictures for Pleasure). 
Overall, if you're looking for some intriguing horror stories with some erotica thrown in, give Something in Your Mouth a whirl.
4 stars from me!

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