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The Rage of Saints by S.A. Klopfenstein - Audio Book Tour

Author: S.A. Klopfenstein

Narrator: Stacey Krejci

Length: 15 hours 24 minutes

Series: The Watcher Epic, Book 2

Publisher: S.A. Klopfenstein

Released: Aug. 10, 2020

Genre: Fantasy; YA

She defied an empire.... Now she's starting a war. The Shadow Watch has been undone. Their captain lies in the dungeons of the White Citadel, and the Gallows Girl has disappeared. Most of the surviving Watchers have joined the chancellor's new magical army, the Sky Guard, led by Darien Redvar, but the Gallows Boy is shaken from the return of the monsters of the Old World, and he must soon choose, once and for all, where his loyalties lie. Tori treks to the Great White North with an Alyut shaman, who believes she is the one who will bring Restoration to his people. A resistance is growing in the North, but Tori may not be the god the people are looking for, and the price of revolution may cost Tori her heart as well as her life. Meanwhile, another threat grows in strength. Old World monsters are rising up across the New World, and no one knows how they've returned. As nations ready themselves for a magical war, their return threatens to change everything. New alliances are set in place, new friendships are forged, new loves kindled. But no one is safe, for there can be no war without betrayal. Don't miss the latest installment in the best-selling epic fantasy series listeners are comparing to Mistborn and Throne of Glass!
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S.A. Klopfenstein grew up on a steady dose of Tolkien and Star Wars. As a child, he wrote his first story about a sleepwalking killer who was executed by lethal injection. He lives in the American West with his wife and their dog, Iorek Byrnison. He can be found exploring the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or daring the halls of the high school where he teaches English and mythology.
  • Tori Burodai (the Gallows Girl) - She is the heroine of the books. She was raised on the Yan Avii Steppe with her mother, but spent most of her formative years as a slave in the Oshan Empire. She soon learns she can wield magic, though few sorcerers still exist in her world. She is tough and pragmatic, but must wrestle with her demons in order to properly wield her magic and become the hopeful leader she is meant to be.
  • Darien Redvar - He is Tori’s best friend as the story begins. He is an idealist as the story begins, but soon learns how difficult it truly is to resist an empire when is forced to serve in the chancellor’s Legions. Can he resist his training, or will he become like the soldiers who slaughtered his family as a boy?
  • Ren Andovier - He is the leader of the Shadow Watch and a charismatic leader, though some of his training methods are a bit questionable. He has a great ability to inspire and motivate others, though his true intentions and reasons are not always clear.
  • Kale Andovier - He is the brooding younger brother to Ren. He does not seek the limelight and has many regrets from his past. He fights for those he loves, but he cares more than he often lets on.
  • Cyrus Maro (the chancellor) - He is the primary villain of the series. He fought his way to power, and is determined to prove his merit over the weakness of his ancestors. He has a complicated and tragic backstory that slowly unravels as the story progresses. He is also very manipulative, and so, some characters may perceive him as being more noble than he may actually be. Some of you may hope to see some good in him as well. Maybe that hope is well-founded. Maybe he is manipulating you too.
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