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We Toot! by Ashley Wheelock & Arwen Evans - Book Tour & Review


We Toot

By Ashley Wheelok and Arwen Evens

Illustrated by Sandie Sonke

May 14 – 17

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  • Genre:  Children’s picture book
  • Print length: 40 Pages
  • Age range: All ages
  • Formats available for the Tour: pdf, mobi, epub and jpeg [sorry, no paperbacks]

About We Toot: A Feminist Fable About Farting, For Everyone

“Sure to provoke giggles, this delightful tale also helps girls to revel in their bodies.” – Kirkus Reviews

A hilarious picture book for children of all ages. When a stinky toot is loosed at a slumber party, six girls learn an important lesson in body positivity and self-acceptance.

We Toot lets little girls know it’s okay to let one rip.

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House of Tomorrow’s mission is self-acceptance, body positivity, and inclusion.

My Review
We Toot! is a silly children's book aimed at girls (but appropriate for anyone) to promote normalcy and positivity when it comes to bodily functions. For some reason, girls are always told to be "prim, proper, and ladylike" and "gross" bodily functions like belching, farting, etc are deemed improper. This book aims to showcase these bodily functions as a normal part of life, regardless of gender, and that there's nothing wrong or un-ladylike about letting one rip. We all pass gas. It's not gross or shameful. And girls, especially, need to learn (if they have people in their life who teach them otherwise) that there is nothing wrong with them and they should celebrate the fact that their body is, in fact, normal. 
I found this book to be cute and fun, and the message is perfect. Teaching girls at a young age what is normal about their bodies is so important. We need more books like this, for sure. 
The illustrations are wonderful, as they bring the story to life, and the story itself just celebrates female friendship. The girls at the sleepover don't shun their friend when she toots. They embrace it, which is just plain awesome. Shaming girls for bodily functions is gross. Teaching them their bodies are normal is not gross. And books that do just that are amazing. More, please!
5 stars!

About the Authors:
Ashley is a writer and lawyer on the central coast of California. She loves books, especially children’s books, and began her book career as the then youngest editor-in-chief of her elementary school’s press. She dreams of marshmallows and witches.

Arwen is a PR executive. Her mission is to raise strong girls, which is important as she has three of them. She spends her commute embroidering elaborate gifts while dreaming up her next story. Arwen is a member of SCBWI.

Sandie Sonke is a Southern California native and a Cal State University Fullerton grad with a degree in studio art. She finds joy simply sketching in her sketchbook or drawing tablet. Wearer of many hats; she’s a freelance illustrator, wife, and mom to two sweet and silly kids who inspire her daily. She loves to create whimsical and colorful illustrations. Her hope is to bring a little happiness to those who view her work

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