Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Zebra's Day Out by Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Zebra's Day Out

by Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully Illustrated by Rex Patrick


GENRE:   Children's



Zebra is excited when he hears that he will be going out to the cafe with Gabrielle and Gran. But there is a lot that Zebra still has to learn about days out. Is a cafe anything like the circus in the picture book? Will he like the food there? Will there be playing?



One day, Zebra heard Gabrielle’s Mama say, “Gran is coming to look after you today.” Zebra was excited; he liked it when Gran came over. 

After breakfast the doorbell rang. Gabrielle opened the door and there was Gran, with a big smile on her face. Zebra thought she looked like the smiling circus clown in Gabrielle’s storybook – except without a tomato for a nose.

“Now, what shall we do today?” Gran said. 

“Play!” said Gabrielle. 

So they played with all of Gabrielle’s toys.

Even Zebra.

After a while Gran said, “I’m thirsty!” 

“Me too!” said Gabrielle.

“Let’s go to the café.” 

“Can Lucy and Rainbow and Zebra come too?” asked Gabrielle.

Gran wasn’t sure. Zebra did cause quite a lot of trouble sometimes. 

“Oh please!” Gabrielle said. 

“Zebra will promise to be good. Won’t you, Zebra?” 

But Zebra was not listening.


My Review

Zebra's Day Out is an interesting children's book about a little girl who spends a day out and about with her grandmother and her toy zebra. But Zebra isn't a very good toy to bring along on the outing, because Zebra does not like to listen or behave. What sort of shenanigans will Zebra get up to before Gran and Gabrielle get home? You'll have to read it and find out. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this book. I liked it. I thought it was a little different. Very unique and creative. But also a little strange. The illustrations were nice, though, and brought the story to life. I think this is a story that will appeal to imaginative young readers who have always wondered what sort of personalities their toys and stuffed animals might have. 4 stars!


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Susan Polites is a freelance story-writer, and her ten-year-old granddaughter Gabrielle Scully likes writing stories too. When they spend days together they often share in the adventures of Gabrielle's toy-friends. During the pandemic lockdown in Melbourne they were unable to meet in person, so they decided to work together remotely and write down some of the toy-friends' adventures. Gabrielle's great-grandfather Rex Patrick, an architect and artist, had done a series of illustrations when he first heard about the adventures, and Gabrielle added some of her own drawings to make the story into an early-childhood picture book, and a family project.
















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