Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A Tiger Named Lee by Sinead Murphy - Book Tour & Review

 A Tiger Named Lee 

by Sinead Murphy (Author), Shannon Cresham (Illustrator)


Lee is a tiny tiger who lives with his Mum in the safety of his treetop house. There he feels safe from the dangers of the dark jungle below. But one wild stormy night, Lee and his Mum are thrown to the ground and Lee is forced to face his fears in order to help her. A Tiger named Lee tells the story of a timid little tiger who refuses to leave his tree-top perch and go down to the jungle floor for fear of what may lie there. However, he and his Mum are thrown from the tree on a stormy night and the little tiger has to overcome his fears.

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My Review
A Tiger Named Lee is a cute children's book about a little tiger named Lee. Lee is a bit scared of the jungle, so he stays in the treetops with his mom where he feels safe. But when a storm hits and knocks Lee and his mom to the ground, causing a break to Lee's mom's knee, it's up to Lee to face his fears and get her the help she needs. 
I thought this was a sweet, heartwarming story that showcases the love between a mom and her son. As a parent to two sons (15 and 6), it made me smile. I enjoyed it.
It also shows kids that it's okay to face your fears, even when you're really scared, and that sometimes new friends can be found even when things seem a bit hopeless. 
The rhyming scheme is easy for young readers to follow along with, and the illustrations are delightful. 
I would recommend this to parents of young readers, and young at heart readers.
5 stars!

Author Bio
Sinéad Murphy is an Irish author, television Director, and filmmaker. 'A Tiger named Lee' is Sinéad's debut picture book, published in 2021 by Tiny Tree Children's Books. Sinéad wrote ‘A Tiger Named Lee,’ for her young daughter to show her that it’s normal to have fears and worries and that help is always there if you ask for it.

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