Saturday, June 5, 2021

Below Dark Waters by Katie Zaber - Guest Blogger Book Review

Princess Megan, who never had a reason to assume she was anything but human, has been on the run, protected by her friends. With each step toward the city of Delmont, she hopes they will have time to regroup before setting sail to the Ka’Pamau Islands, their final destination. Instead, her bad luck shadows her and chaos continues to ensue everywhere she goes—including a new part of the world that most air breathers have yet to explore.

Confronted with another royal family and a smitten prince whose advances turn cold, she faces another life-altering decision with ramifications she can’t possibly begin to guess at.

Back on land, Lilly reveals more of her secrets, her story, and her goals. Monumental changes and challenges are headed her way as she embraces her new role in life.

On the sea, Aunt Carmia is stirring up trouble while continuing her hunt for the treasure she most desires. She experiences upheavals, but she is always prepared for the unknown.

As their stories unfold, they remain unaware how fate connects them in the world of Dalya.

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Jennifer's Review
Below Dark Waters is a good book that picks up from book one of the Dalya series.
The group is still together and trying to find their way out of the strange world in which they find themselves. The fae girl and her friends soon find themselves in a hurricane storm, and as people are hurled into the ocean, Syrenies try to rescue them.
The fae girl is pulled down to an underwater city where she is expected to meet the queen who has an evil plan for her son and the fae. 
What is her plan? What happens to each of her friends and bodyguard? 
Read this book to pick up from book one. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
Katie Zaber writes new adult fiction. With multiple projects spanning from being transported to an alternate universe, to past lives, reincarnation, and trapped souls, to prophesied pregnancies—there are more stories to tell. She lives in North New Jersey with her boyfriend.

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