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Dandelion Dreams by Penny Harmon - Book Tour + Giveaway

Dandelion Dreams
Cove's Port Series Book 1
by Penny Harmon
Genre: Women's Fiction 


A dream can change more than once in a lifetime!

Madelyn "Maddie" Jones loves Jimmy Choos, fancy restaurants, and the city life she worked so hard to create. With a promotion on the line, she can't let anything get in her way. Not staying out late. Not partying. Not friends. And definitely not love!

But when a phone call sends her life spinning out of control, she has no choice to put everything on hold and move to Maine.

Dandelion Farm isn't what she expected. With five dogs, a slew of farm animals, and Kyle, her aunt's adopted son with special needs, Maddie has her work cut out for her.

Will Lincoln Davies, Kyle's social worker, drive Maddie away? Or worse-convince her to stay?

My new release is all about Maddie.  Madelyn Presley Jones is a typical city girl but she does have a past with the country.  When Maddie receives a call, it changes the course of her life.  Maddie has to decide whether her future is in the city or taking care of Kyle, her aunt’s adopted son with special needs.  It’s the most important decision she will ever make and Lincoln Davies, Kyle’s social worker, sets out to help.


Are You a Country Girl or City Girl?

I’m pure country. I would love nothing more than to own a thousand acres and live in the middle of it surrounded by animals.  Right now, we have two dogs, two cats, and fish. If I could, I would have donkeys and goats. Maybe if I win the lottery, I’ll buy that thousand acres!


What’s the Hardest Thing About Writing for You?
Honestly, the hardest thing is finding the time.  Raising grandchildren can be tough. They have a lot more energy than I do.  Late night writing is a not happening, as we must get up early, and sadly, I am not (nor have I ever been) a morning person.  Writing never happens too early. I squeeze it in wherever I can.


What’s the Best Thing About Writing for You?

Everything! I have always been a voracious reader.  I love the escape.  Writing, for me, is creating a world that I want to live in or somehow be part of.  It’s creating something for you to escape in that brings me happiness.


What Was the Best Part About Writing Dandelion Dreams?

Oh, this is easy. I actually researched how to make dandelion jelly. I had never canned anything before, but I really found it to be fun. Once I learned how to make jelly, I even went out and made lavender jelly.  From there, I moved on to making pickles.  The bread and butter pickles are my favorite and I will definitely be making more this summer…maybe even experiment a little more with different types of jellies.

Penny Harmon began writing at an early age and developed a great love of words over the years. After her children were grown, she took her writing more seriously and has published in both newspapers and magazines. In January of 2016, her first novella, Complicated Inheritance, was published and in March of 2016, the first book, I Saw Him First, of the Rocky Isle Romance series was published. Five more books in the Rocky Isle Romance series have since been published.
In 2017, Penny branched out with her first women's fiction novel, Dragonfly Wishes and, soon after, published Love's Song with Sweet Promise Press. Love's Song is not available at the moment, but will be re-released with a new title.
Her book Dandelion Dreams just released on June 3, 2021.
Penny lives in Maine with her long-time partner, Dan, three grandchildren, three cats, and one dog. She enjoys spending time with all nine of her grandchildren and enjoys working on DIY projects, especially those of repurposing.


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  1. Sounds like a great book, one that I would love to eat.

  2. I love the cover and synopsis, this is a must read for me. Thank you for sharing the book and author details

  3. I like the idea of the farm, social worker, and a special needs person. Sounds like a good book. Thanks for the chance.


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