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Finding Jo by Frances Ive - Book Tour

Finding Jo

At breaking point Jo deserts her dysfunctional family and possessive boyfriend, making an uncharacteristic escape to the Himalayas in a bid for freedom and self-knowledge. The peace she finds there helps her to unravel her turmoil, but unexpected challenges test her new-found equilibrium to the limit. 

Finding Jo focuses on relationships between families, lovers and friends, and the resentment and long-held grievances that threaten to destroy them. Jo’s quest for a deeper purpose in life acts as a catalyst to her family, indicating that willingness to change and grow enables people to find happiness.

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Men’s emotional life

INTRO: It is now widely acknowledged that men do not like to talk about their emotions and that they often suffer in silence. Women tend to discuss personal aspects of their lives with their friends or close family, but many men prefer not to disclose how they feel, or may try to cover up how they are feeling. This may lead to misunderstandings because they are not being open about how they feel, but sometimes they aren’t sure themselves what the problem is. Jo’s brother, Michael, is very buttoned up and has never said how he feels about anything.  Here he is having an exchange with David, who is trying to help him.


‘Sometimes I wonder if it was better when I wasn’t talking about all this. Keeping things to yourself means you don’t have to go over and over them with people.’

‘But everyone at home is so good telling everyone they’re fine, when they’re not,’ David said, keeping his voice low. ‘People have unhappy marriages, drink too much – like me - they work non-stop – also like me. What sort of a life is it? There’s so much more to our lives than that.’

‘It’s easy to say, David, when you’re up in the hills in the most beautiful place on earth. You don’t have a wife and kids to support. It’s easy to say.’

‘Yeah I know but we’re all the same inside. And I certainly want to have a wife and kids to support one day. I just feel that if I get this bit right now I might manage that all a bit better when it happens.’

‘Unlike me you mean.’

‘No I don’t. I’m not having a go at you. Don’t be so defensive. Unlike anywhere else this place is full of people who really care, and I guess everyone wants you to get it so that you can be happy too.’

Author Bio –  Frances Ive: A career as a journalist/PR led to health writing for UK nationals newspapers and consumer magazines. Out of the blue I was inspired to write a novel, Finding Jo, which has taken some years to come to fruition, self-publishing in January 2021. I travelled a lot in my 20s and I have drawn on my three months’ trip to India in Finding Jo.

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