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Shamanism in the 21st Century by August Lageman - Book Tour

Non-Fiction, Mental & Spiritual Healing

Date Published: June 26th, 2017

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

This book grew out of the ¬first seven years of August Lageman’s practice as a shaman. The book shows how the teachings of the Four Winds Society actually work with clients. In addition, August kept an open mind and integrated tools and insights from other forms of healing such as reiki and Holographic Healing. This book demonstrates how a person with a rocky childhood can heal from early wounds with the help of skilled shamans. August writes from his heart. You will learn how a shaman needs to be ready for the unexpected.

Shamanism in the 21st Century is as useful as it is interesting. If you’ve always been curious about alternative healing modalities or want to deepen your own spiritual connection, this book is a good place to start.” — Willie E. Dalton, Author

In the Four Winds tradition (Inca), the second direction is that of the west.  

The power animal is the jaguar. In my first five years of full-time practice,  I have done 2,025 illuminations. I have done 775 extractions, so 60 percent  of the people I’ve worked on just needed an illumination. The remaining 40  percent needed something extracted (removed) from their energy fields. 

When I work with a new client, I am always prepared to do both an illu mination and an extraction. I will discuss removing entities and demons in a  later chapter. I find heavy energy and extract it into a crystal. I do not label or  diagnose what the heavy energy could be; I remove it. 

Bob was a retired CPA in one of my older adult classes. I had cleared him  several times. He called and wanted to see me as soon as possible. When Bob  came to see me, he was guarding the right side of his stomach, and he asked  me not to touch it. 

I did an illumination and then an extraction. I removed the heavy energy  into an awaiting crystal. When Bob got up from the table, he smiled and said  that the pain was gone. The pain was where his appendix was located. I referred  him to an herbalist to have a thorough stomach cleanse done. I then told Bob  that if he had a sharp pain in the night not to call me, but to go to the hospital  emergency room and have laparoscopic surgery done to remove the appen dix. That did not occur. This happened five years ago, and the pain has never  returned. I have concluded from this and many other clients that I do my best work in the early, preventative stages of an illness. 

Janice came to my older adult class with the man for whom she was caring,  age eighty-four. Her client had frontal lobe dementia. Janice had no idea of what  energy healing was about. I sensed in her a level-four entity, which was going to  disrupt the class. I approached her, smiled, and told her that what I was going to  do would not hurt. I removed the entity, and Janice felt immediate relief. 

I got to know Janice, who was a recovering drug addict. Janice asked me if  I could clear her liver. I told her that I never know anything in advance, but I  would do my best (with my awesome healing team). Janice’s MD was planning  to do a liver transplant. Her white blood cell count was at a critical level. I per 

formed two illuminations and extractions, two weeks apart. Janice then went to  her surgeon, who found the liver completely healed and clear. The surgeon was  amazed. Her friends at her church advised her not to come to me, because they  thought I worked for the devil. The two sessions cost $50 each, a total of $100,  versus $100,000 for a liver transplant. I think I know why shamans are viewed as  a threat by the medical industry. 

Some clients require repeated extractions, which gives rise to the question  of what in their diet and lifestyle is behind the issue. I was taught at shaman  school not to give a medical label to the heavy energy. This would start a negative  thought process. 

Two years ago, I was teaching a non-credit adult course, which met one af ternoon a week for six weeks. Adults would describe their ailments to me, about  which I would rather not know. At the last class, I asked if they would like more  discussion or free treatments. Everyone wanted free treatments. 

Kay was a retired operating room nurse with an extensive medical back ground. Kay had not told me about any ailments. She winked at me and said, “I  do not think you can handle what I have.” After an illumination, I scanned her  body. My hand locked up over her chest. I thought, but did not say, there was  enough energy in there for three coal miners. Inside her chest, I sensed a mucous  plug. I asked one of my angels (more about them later) if I could pull the plug.  The angel replied and told me I could, and that she could then breathe. When  Kay got up off the table, she took her first full breath in years. 

One month after the class, Kay was visiting her MD, a pulmonologist. He  took an X-ray of her lung and announced that his X-ray machine was broken,  because the lung was clear. I asked Kay if she told her MD about me, and she  said no and that she did not want a psychiatric evaluation. Another month and  Kay had another clear X-ray. On her third visit and final visit, Kay brought her courage and my card with her. When Kay gave her doctor my card, he asked, “Is  he a real person?” Actually, I am a leprechaun living and working as a shaman  in Abingdon, Virginia. 

Not all extractions are dramatic and life changing, but I remove from the  person what is standing in the way of his or her body healing itself. Almost  everyone arrives on my healing table skeptical. This is fine because I am used to  it. All I need is some openness and cooperation to release what is stuck in his  or her energy body. 

One of these cases described under testimonials is that of a graduate stu dent, Corey Pearson. Corey is heavily muscled with a scar from his deltoid to  his elbow from an injury and surgery that ended his career as a baseball player  for the Texas Rangers. Graduate students, including Corey, stayed after my  psychology class to see if I could heal them. I did not have to hunt for Corey’s  heavy energy. With my hands four inches above his body, I pulled; nothing hap 

pened. He was part of a group of five students. I told them not to be alarmed,  as I went into a trance and then tried again, this time with an archangel. Out  the heavy energy popped. Corey stood and rotated his shoulder three hundred  and sixty degrees, smiled, and thanked me and my angels. It is great to be part  of a healing team (all of whom will be described later). 

During my first year, I had a very unusual case. Dorothy could see the energy  field around any person. Dorothy liked my energy field. Dorothy had lost the  ability to see energy in the right eye. I did an illumination first, and then an  extraction. I had healed the right eye. Four hours later, Dorothy called and told  me that many entities had come from behind that eye. I removed the entities.  This process went on three or four times a day. I lost track of the number of  entities after 20,000. I soon realized that I was dealing with a human portal.  Fortunately, at this point, I had begun to work with angels. I got an angel to sit  on the portal 24/7, until the shift or later. This stopped the flow of entities. 

I had not heard from Dorothy for several months, and then learned that she  had been hospitalized in a psychiatric facility. Six months later, I got a call from  Dorothy telling me that she was out of the hospital and back home. Dorothy thanked me for my help and patience with her. 

As I graduated from the Four Winds School, I was looking forward to a  full-time practice of healing. However, economically I was not ready. I was to do  three more years of college teaching on a part-time basis. I wanted to work with  another healer. I actually prefer to work with another healer but recognize this is  not always possible.

About the Author

August Lageman had a career as a pastor, a college teacher, and a psychotherapist. He served in the military for over twenty-nine years and did enlisted service in the US Marine Corps in the early sixties. Then August was commissioned as an officer in the Army Reserves and National Guard, serving both in the reserves and on active duty. He retired with over twenty-nine years of service as a full colonel in 2003. August trained as a shaman in the Four Winds Society, graduating in 2010.

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