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Sleeping Beauty & The Cursed Code by Emma Jean - Book Tour

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This is my stop during the blog tour for Sleeping Beauty and the Cursed Code by Emma Jean. In Sleeping Beauty and the Cursed Code Sleeping Beauty uses science and technology to battle dark magic and free herself from 100 years of caused sleep.

This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 5 till 18 June. You can see the tour schedule here.

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Sleeping Beauty and the Cursed Code (The STEM Princess Series #1)
By Emma Jean
Genre: STEM Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling
Age category: Middle Grade
Release Date: 5 June, 2021

Sleeping Beauty's thirteenth birthday looms on the horizon as she and her friends hole up in the cursed princess lab, determined to prove that science and technology can defeat dark magic and save the kingdom from 100 years of cursed sleep.
I rubbed my hands together warming my gloves. I then tapped my fingers, shooting slight red sparks between them. The sparks were meant to intimidate the twin princesses. It worked.

“She shouldn’t get to wear the gloves!” April called out.

“They give her an unfair advantage!” June agreed.

“Since they help protect the kingdom from one hundred years of cursed sleep, I think I’ll allow it,” Cinderella ruled.

“Go!” Shouted Snow White.

First to manifest was June’s monster fly. It was bigger than I remembered and I still felt like it wanted to eat me. The fear became more real when June made the monster fly wink its gross eye at me. 

Next came April’s speed-demon fly. It shot across the room in a blur, followed by a booming noise, it was probably breaking the sound barrier. 

Now it was time for my fly to move from my two dimensional screen into the 3-D world. My fly flickered then appeared in the classroom.

It was still just a circle with two semi-circle for wings.

April and June laughed, that perfect harmony laugh, the one that makes me feel two feet tall when it’s directed at me.

Cinderella and Snow White didn’t say anything but they both looked a little nervous about my circle fly. 

June’s fly walked up to my little circle guy and opened its mouth wide. Her monster fly had a full set of shark teeth now. As it went to bite down, my circle fly shot across the room and crashed into April’s speedy fly. The collision knocked April’s fly from the sky.

April typed frantically as she attempted to move her fly off the ground. 

Too late! June’s fly speared it with it’s knife-like stinger. 

April was out, just like that! 

My circle fly was darting around still closely pursued by June’s fly. 

It tried to bite my fly again, but my fly simply vanished. April stopped typing. She was scanning the room for my missing fly. She didn’t know my circle fly was now microscopically small and flapping its wings inside hers. I tensed my fists in the gloves then I forced them open. With that motion my fly turned from microscopic to mammoth circle-fly, rupturing June’s monster fly from the inside out. 

Giant animated fly guts splattered all around the augmented reality of our classroom. 

“Sleeping Beauty wins!” Snow White called out.

I threw my graduation hat ceremoniously in the air. 

June threw hers to the ground. 

“Congratulations! All three of you have completed Coding 101 with top marks!” Cinderella said.

“Welcome to Introduction to Robotics,” Snow White said. 

About the Author:
Emma Jean writes books for children of all ages.

She lives in Massachusetts, near the Mayflower (the one the Pilgrims sailed on... or at least a pretty good replica), with her husband, two sons and one troublesome Basset Hound.

She studied Creative Writing at Holy Cross then earned her Masters in School Counseling at Assumption College.

She spent years working in adolescent mental health both in academic and therapeutic settings. Like her reporters in the Charles McCheese series, she found time to travel the world, helping with the Katrina clean up effort in New Orleans, studying abroad in Sri Lanka, and working alongside the Peace Corps. in Armenia. She worked with the Red Cross and counseled children in some of the toughest cities in Massachusetts.

For more information on the author, and to see pictures of the aforementioned basset hound, find her on instagram @Emma.Jean.Author or visit

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