Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Mummy of Monte Cristo by J. Trevor Robinson - Guest Blogger Book Review


A thrilling tale of magic, monsters, envy, wrongful imprisonment, and revenge. Adapted from the classic Alexandre Dumas adventure The Count of Monte Cristo.

When jealousy and ambition drive a group of men to frame young Edmond Dantes for treason, he’s sent to prison indefinitely; there, he finds a friend and tutor who tells him about a terrible power hidden on the island of Monte Cristo.

Edmond escapes, makes the impossible decision to be mummified alive for the sake of revenge, and pursues his enemies to Paris with an intricate plan to tear down their new lives brick by brick.

His plans are complicated by unexpected reminders of the humanity he left behind, and one of his foes has an even grander plan that could mean worldwide death and panic for his own profit.

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Jennifer's Review
The Mummy of Monte Cristo was a great book. I truly enjoyed it. 
Edmond Dantes, a young sailor, is in a ship with others when he is tasked to do an errand that will later change his life in a big way. A jealous sailor learns about it and decides to take over the ship after the Captain passes and promotes Edmond to be new captain.
After his wedding, he is arrested and sent to a dungeon where he befriends another prisoner, and after the guy dies, Edmond escapes and finds an island where he is transformed into a mummy hell-bent on revenge against all of the people who were responsible for his jailing. 
How he gets revenge and what happens to each person is shocking to learn as you read this book. 
4 stars.

Author Bio
When J Trevor was young, he received a well-worn stack of mystery and horror novels from his older brother, and it instilled in him a lifelong desire to be an author. Heavily influenced by Stephen King's scares, Jim Butcher's action scenes, and the larger-than-life characters in Ayn Rand's books, he blended those influences with classic literature and pulp horror to write THE MUMMY OF MONTE CRISTO, coming in 2020 from Immortal Works Publishing.

He has also self-published a young-adult horror novel THE GOOD FIGHT, and was published in the Amazon #1 bestselling horror anthology SECRET STAIRS as the sole romance story in the collection.

He lives in Toronto Canada keeping the redhead gene alive with his wife and newborn daughter, born Friday the 13th.

J Trevor Robinson has also been published as "Justin Robinson," but there are a surprising number of authors with that name.

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