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Amal the Thirsty Gamal by Robert Schorr - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway


Join us for this tour from July 6 to July 26, 2021!

Book Details:
Book Title:  Amal the Thirsty Gamal: A Christmas Tale by Robert Schorr
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
GenreChildren's Picture Book 
Publisher:  Mascot 
Release date:  July, 2021
Content Rating:  G.
Book Description:
The charming tale told in Amal the Thirsty Gamal is for every young person who might be anxious about how they are viewed by those around them (and yes, camels care about that too!). For so long, our little hero has been hearing taunts and jeers and thinking negative things about himself, his looks, and especially his little hump. But—oh, brace yourselves! — because Wise Men are traveling with Amal’s special caravan, and when one of them speaks up around the campfire one night, everything changes for little Amal!

My Review
Amal the Thirsty Gamal is a delightful children's book with lovely illustrations. It tells the story if Amal, a camel who doesn't have a big hump like all of the other camels. They all tease him and make fun of him for being different. But when Amal and the other camels go on a trek through the desert and come upon some Wise Men, Amal discovers that being different isn't such a bad thing after all. 
This is a Christmas themed story (see mention of Wise Men), but it can be read year-round. It's a cute book that children will fall in love with, and it showcases a wonderful message of acceptance regardless of differences. That's definitely a good thing for young readers to learn.
I would recommend this book to parents of young readers, and older readers too. It's well worth the read.
5 stars!

Guest Post

Pirates on the Shelf

My wife and I were living and teaching in a college in Taiwan at the time when I presented my first gift of a book to my two boys. It was a beautiful old, hard-bound edition of Treasure Island: Scribner’s 1911, mint condition, wonderfully illustrated by N. C. Wyeth. I showed them the marvelous cover of the thing: a couple of angry pirates with a sword in hand and pistols drawn and mutiny in their eyes. I hefted the volume in both hands for a moment and then handed it over to them with the deepest sense of satisfaction and a promise to read it to them every night.

I must confess, I was a little disappointed when, on the second night, I looked up from my reading to confront two blank expressions. They just weren’t ‘getting it; didn’t have a clue! My wife Shari- lyn was quick to offer a bit of solace: “Don’t forget, dear, they’re only one and three.”

“Yeah...I know...but...”

“But” what? What did I expect? And what, on earth, was I trying to do?

Immediately, of course, I ordered some age-appropriate books from the States and began reading those to the boys. It wasn’t too long before they were sounding out words on their own, and shortly after that, I was asking my stateside family to send us some easy readers.

And all the while those two angry pirates were sitting there on that shelf...waiting...just waiting to take over.

We lived in the northernmost outskirts of Taipei. There was not a word of English on our radio or TV and cell phones and internet had not yet arrived. Whatever entertainment this life might have for our boys would have to be dug, like a treasure, from the pages of a book. And it occurred to me that, in moving here and living this way, we had transported ourselves back to the past...

Have you ever thought of what it must have been like for teens and pre-teens in ages gone by? Back in the days of no electronics: no screens, no video games, no TV to watch. Think of it: a ‘book’ was their only ‘device’! Treasure Island, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Swiss Family Robinson even Moby Dickthese were a teenager’s only escape! These were the “video games” of ages past. I notice that the authors of these wonderful works had no penchant for dumbing things down. Teenagers looking for entertainment would have to plough into these volumes and dig it up for themselves!

And so, of course, that’s what they did; after all, the only other alternative was terminal boredom!

The result of all this was a wonderful world of articulate, knowledgeable people—with or without formal education—with excellent vocabularies that far surpass our today!

One day, several years later, I came back from my classes to discover that the “pirates” had finally stormed the house! “I’m reading Treasure Island, Dad! It’s awesome,” my oldest son announced. He was twelve years old, and he was reading it to his younger brother.

Both have been avid readers ever since, and now there are pirates on their children’s shelves...just sitting there...waiting.

Meet the Author:
Robert Schorr resides in San Clemente, California, with his wife Sharilyn and their family nearby. For 26 years, he served as Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Towne in Orange, California. Prior to that, they lived in Asia for 17 years. He is devoted to his Savior, to Sharilyn, his children, flying, hiking, fly-fishing, Chinese, and writing. He loves any story that makes someone special, and he knew, a long time ago, that little Amal had one to tell.

Connect with the Author: website ~ facebook 

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