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Angel of the Lost Treasure by Marie Laval - Book Blitz

Angel Of The Lost Treasure

An ancient secret hidden within a mother’s song ...

When young widow, Marie-Ange Norton is invited to Beauregard in France by the mysterious Monsieur Malleval to collect an inheritance, she has no choice but to accept.

But when she embarks on the voyage with her fiery-tempered travelling companion Capitaine Hugo Saintclair, little does she know what waits for her across the sea in turbulent nineteenth-century France on the eve of Napoleon’s return from exile. When she arrives, she is taken aback by Malleval’s fascination with her family – seemingly inspired by his belief they are connected to a sacred relic he’s read about in coded manuscripts by the Knights Templar.

As it becomes clear that Malleval’s obsession has driven him to madness, Marie-Ange is horrified to realise she is more the man’s prisoner than his guest. Not only that, but Hugo is the only person who might be able to help her, and he could represent a different kind of danger .

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The scene below is taken from Chapter Two and set in Paris where Marie-Ange and Saintclair have stopped on their way to the chateau of Beauregard, where Marie-Ange hopes to meet her relative and receive an inheritance. Sparks have been flying between Marie-Ange and her reluctant companion, the proud and fiery-tempered Hugo Saintclair, and things are heating up between the pair...


Who did the woman think he was to summon him to her room like that? A lackey, probably. His lips twisted in an angry snarl as he climbed the stairs two by two. Madame Norton might live in a ramshackle manor house on the bleak, windswept Devonshire moorland, but she was still a Beauregard on her mother’s side and a member of the English gentry by marriage. He should have followed Martin’s advice and stayed at the club a while longer.

He walked down the draughty corridor and drummed impatient fingers on her door.

‘Who’s there?’A timid voice answered.

‘Saintclair. Did you want to talk to me?’ His tone was short.

The door opened just enough for Madame Norton to peer through.

He exhaled sharply to control his rising temper. ‘Are you going to let me in or shall we talk in the corridor?’

She opened the door wider and he strode in.

‘Is there a problem?’ He looked down at her. Barefoot and swamped in an old dressing gown, the woman hardly reached his shoulder. He wondered what she wore underneath, if anything. His pulse quickened and a sudden rush of heat coursed through his veins as she stepped back and folded her arms on her chest.

‘You said you would be back early. I have been waiting here all day for you,’ she said, her voice cold and haughty.

Her icy tone did nothing to cool his desire. In fact it had just the opposite effect. He took a deep breath and walked to the fireplace to put some distance between them.

‘Sorry. I got … distracted.’ He shrugged. ‘I did arrange a carriage and a driver for us. We’re leaving for Lyon on Saturday.’

She looked at him again in the way a queen might look at a mangy dog.

‘Why wait until Saturday? Your instructions are to take me straight to Beauregard.’

If she meant to intimidate him, she had failed. She was starting to amuse him greatly – in more ways than one.

‘I have things to do. Anyway, what’s the rush? I thought you might like to come to town with me tomorrow and see a play in the evening.’

Her eyes flashed with anger.

‘I do not go to the theatre, Capitaine. I am in mourning.’

He arched his eyebrows. ‘After six years?’

‘My husband was a wonderful man. I will mourn him all my life.’ Her eyes filled with tears, she bit her lip.

He didn’t answer. There was one thing to be said for her. She was convincing – a first-class actress. He had almost been taken in by her wistful sighs and tearful eyes, by her drab mourning dresses and the almost virginal blushing on her cheeks every time he looked her way. He had almost believed her grief-stricken widow act … until he saw young Norton leave her room in the middle of the night with a wide grin on his face. He knew better than to be fooled by a woman, especially a pretty one.

Still, the way her voice quivered with emotion, her pale blue eyes shone with tears, and her lips trembled did have a strange effect on him. His throat went dry and he swallowed hard, so strong was the urge to crush her mouth under his, rake his fingers in her soft blonde curls, and pull her close. As if she could sense the heat of his desire, a very becoming pink blush covered her cheeks and throat.

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Originally from Lyon in France, Marie has lived in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire for the past few years. She writes both contemporary and historical romance. Her novels include best selling contemporary romantic suspense novels LITTLE PINK TAXI and ESCAPE TO THE LITTLE CHATEAU, which was shortlisted for the 2021 RNA Jackie Collins Romantic Suspense Awards, as well as A PARIS FAIRY TALE and BLUEBELL'S CHRISTMAS MAGIC. Her latest novel, ANGEL OF THE LOST TREASURE, was released in February 2021. Marie also contributes to the best selling Miss Moonshine's Emporium anthologies together with eight author friends from Authors on the Edge.

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