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Finding Family in a Far-Away Land by Amanda Wall - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

Join us for this tour from June 21 to July 16, 2021!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story by Amanda Wall
CategoryChildren's Fiction (Ages 4-10),  44 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book, Adoption
Release date:   March 29, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

Every adoption experience is uniquely different but the yearning to have unconditional family love is universal. Two Indian sisters, Priya and Ari, experience what it's like to be adopted into a multi-cultural, interracial family. Walk alongside these two charming, dynamic girls as they journey through the adoption transition to a new country full of new experiences!

"Finding Family in a Far-Away Land" is a pensive and sometimes comical book that demonstrates how children can experience the same journey quite differently. A glossary of cultural terms is included so that all can learn and enjoy what Ari and Priya cherish about their Indian roots. This story is meant to be a resource to those hoping to learn about one family's adoption experience― and may even help a child process their own adoption story. The intended audience for this book is children ages 4-10.

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My Review
Finding Family in a Far-Away Land is a delightfully unique children's book that tackles the subject of adoption, new cultures, and bonding with a new family. 
The story follows Priya and Ari, two sisters who live in India. When their family gets sick and passes away, the girls end up in a orphanage. But a new family comes to adopt them and take them away, ready to shower them with love and affection. The sisters, now in a strange, new land, discover many new things and have many new experiences while still keeping their Indian culture a part of their lives (and also teaching their new family about Indian culture). 
This is a heartwarming story that children, especially adopted children, will enjoy. The words are easy for young readers. The illustrations are lovely. And the glossary of terms in the back of the book will help educate young readers about Indian culture. 
A wonderful story overall.
5 stars!

Guest Post

What I’ve learned from my daughters while writing this story

 Soil settles and houses shift, and much is the same with adoption. Three years ago, we adopted our sweet daughters from India. We took our biological son and daughter with us to India so that they could be play an instrumental role as older siblings.  We returned to Colorado as a family of six and began the process of assimilating. The last few years have been transformative for my daughters who experienced the newness of moving to America and integrating into a new family.  Albeit hesitant, Priya and Ari navigated many cultural differences.  I conceived sleeping in a bed was going to be monumental for Priya, but it was the tiny ice cubes at Chick-fil-A that really wowed her.

 Becoming a parent of four children was life altering too. My heart was bursting but my patience and emotions felt exaggerated. Throw in a pandemic, zoom school and working from home, and I may as well have planted a white surrender flag in my front yard.

Despite the difficulty of managing our household, this past year has been an opportunity for growth and reflection. Much of my gratefulness stemmed from reflecting on my daughter’s adoption transition. Ironic, considering I wrote this story to help them process their life changes.  Mint tea and slippers in hand, I found myself slipping off with my computer and enjoying the rumination.  I thought about the first month home when we all generously passed around jumping lice. Gathered on a circular rug, dripping in oils we combed each other’s hair every night. Our calamitous inconvenience had become a bonding ritual, full of laughter and “eeews” from our findings. 

 Relatedly, I had taken our health and resources for granted. While visiting a children’s hospital 30 times that first year with my daughters we witnessed children in more unfortunate circumstances. Even so, tummies bloated with parasites; my daughters tried 13 rounds of antibiotics to eradicate their condition. Being born into an impoverished village will allow you to see global disparity, especially at the sight of a sprinkler system.  My daughter Priya screamed when she first saw clean water feeding our front lawn. Unfortunately, that was something I hadn’t given much prior thought.

 There were more surprising moments of gratitude too. As we began incorporating Indian culture into our lives, I felt alive with the opportunity to share in this rich, ancient culture with my family. My living room would be so quiet without our colorful Bollywood dance offs. My husband surely felt similarly when he loaded his plate for the third time at the breakfast buffet in Hyderabad, India.

 All my children teach me through their trials and tribulations, but I am notably awed by my youngest daughters for their resilience. I am grateful to them for inspiring me to write our story because they have shined through their adversities. Our house certainly shifted for the better.


Meet the Author:

Amanda is a mother of four with a heart towards adoption. She lives in Colorado with her family but loves to travel and connect with others through their culture. Educating families on adoption is a passion for Amanda because the adoptees' voice is often unheard.

connect with the author: website ~ instagram ~ goodreads
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