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In the Beast's Cage by Mac Altgelt - Book Tour

In the Beast’s Cage

Harbouring a dark secret from his past, immortal Lord Blake from medieval England arrives mysteriously in a sleepy coastal town in Georgia, USA.  There he meets Hugo Wegener, an ex-doctor who is burdened with his own dark secret, and life-long resident Ginny Harrison, who is involved in her aging father’s absurd dream of refurbishing and reopening the town’s long-defunct zoo.  As Blake’s relationship with Ginny blooms, he finds himself involved in the insane zoo project and, when Bruce Kelly, an exotic game smuggler from South Africa, arrives in town on the eve of the grand reopening with a plan to rid the zoo of its valuable animal species, it is up to Blake, Hugo, and the old man to stop him, without revealing the terrible secrets of their pasts.

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Below we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the long life of our protagonist, Ainsley Blake.  This scene, only a small portion of which is printed below, provides insight at long last into his deep history, and offers a glimpse of the circumstances that gave rise to his present character.  It is one of my favorite chapters, exciting and informative.  The depth it provides Blake, and the sympathy it inspires in those alongside him, make it a favorite among readers as well.

 Far in the distance, but steadily growing larger, were hundreds of disembodied, dancing flames, flickering and bouncing from side to side.  What the flames connected to remained obscured by darkness, but Blake knew with certainty that the flames belonged to torches, and that the carriers of those torches were not likely to be on a mission of peace.  The innumerable shining orbs were so vast that they looked like stars painted against the blackness of the horizon, extending the reach of heaven deep into the realm of man so that the division between the two spheres could no longer be perceived.  Blake knew that the torch-bearing men likely believed themselves to be doing the work of God and smiled cynically, recognizing the irony and preparing himself to meet them in peace, if possible.  Colin, seeing the advancing torches, gasped in fear and retreated back into the house.  The other staff, more desirous of witnessing something novel and potentially tragic than of ensuring their own safety, remained rooted to the spot at the back of their master.

When the silhouettes of those bearing the torches finally gained a true form through the darkness, Blake called out, “Who goes there?  You are trespassing on my lands and I demand an explanation.  This is not the conduct of civilized men to storm the house of a noble with undeclared intentions in the dead of night.” 

It was a round-bellied man of average height and about thirty years of age who answered him, “Hold your tongue, Lord Blake.  We are making the demands tonight, sir.” 

Blake, fixing the man with a calculating stare that was full of venom, replied, “You are aware that I could have you hanged for this?” 

The man did not answer but turned to one of his subordinates in the crowd behind him and said, “Bring him forward.” 

There was a murmuring in the crowd, followed by a shuffling, and then someone emerged from the interior at the round man’s side.  This new man was gaunt and pockmarked, and he walked with such a pronounced limp that Blake was certain that he would collapse with each stride.  He did not hold a torch, and when Blake followed his thin arms down to his hands to see why, he noticed that they were each frozen tight in unmovable fists and blackened with the telltale signs of advanced gangrene.  This man was not able to hold a torch—he was not able to hold anything at all. 

The round man spoke again, “Tell him what you saw, Turner.” 

Being called forth like this in the face of the great Lord Blake, and then asked to recount the reason for which they had come, seemed to be too much for the invalid, and he said nothing for a few moments.  Instead, he stared petrified at Blake’s narrowed eyes, seemingly unable to move. 

The round man put a consoling arm on the frightened man’s shoulder and said in a reassuring tone, “Go on, Turner.  No one can hurt you here.  Tell us all what you saw.” 

Turner, seemingly emboldened by this consolation, pointed a single, mummified fist straight at Blake and said, “Him!  I saw him!  It was he who decimated my village.”  

Author Bio –

I am a Risk Management executive and Investor in Texas but I moonlight as a writer, short-film maker, musician, composer and world traveller (or, I was a world traveller in the pre-COVID days).  In music, I have released 2 full-length albums (one of which is still available) and 2 E.P.s.  I have published one humor book entitled 101 TIPS AND REVELATIONS FROM A MODERN DAY CYNIC (Black Rose Writing, 2017).  IN THE BEAST’S CAGE is my first novel, but I have a second already in progress and no plans of slowing down.  I have also written countless blogs, poems, short stories, essays and movie scripts in addition to my more sprawling fiction projects.  Because of my work in the Risk Management industry, I spend a great deal of time in London working closely with Lloyd’s and can be found in that country often as a result.  I have a wife (Alejandra) and two children, a 3-year-old daughter (Sophia) and a 1-year-old son (Otto) who was born in the midst of this pandemic.  My wife is a dual-citizen of Mexico and Spain and had been living in London for 2 years prior to us meeting. 

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